Assume that the normal form of the chain is actually not the natural hair of the chain


in fact, punishment love Shanghai ranking system has many kinds, not only because of what you said is illegal as everyone knows the right down, will be K. In fact, there is also a factor, if you have offended, will be right down, serious will be K.

is the enterprise stand, if the chain has the same core keywords, as long as the love reaction in Shanghai to determine the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. As shown in figure

love Shanghai chain analysis tool Zan not search data, so it can not provide, but enough to show that he made the chain form is single, if this is the website keywords single site, outside the chain can also form diversification, such as company name, brand + keywords, keyword + region. Fine。

of course, like war, part of the chain to the "stationmaster" in the form of release, is fine, is part of this war, the chain "may not be judged as" love Shanghai "clear Shanghai dragon trace

is the Shanghai dragon optimization obvious signs of excessive. How do you say


we have that you usually send the chain, so no mass outside the chain, too observant of conventional standards., no exchange of spam links, no purchase link, no collection, and regular updates, regular continuous chain, but some people have some words not to, or to also fall, or has been ranked second, obvious is eleventh.


, for example, such as the first home Admin5 core keyword is "webmaster website", if you optimize it, you are not the most Links exchange is only and is the "webmaster website" without the slightest increase of words, such as you don’t add "A5 Adsense website, Admin5 Adsense nets" and so on, not the same keywords as shown in figure

three from the above chart, I can see the A5 chain, which is not a chain home page or rarely is keywords "100%, Adsense website", but the other contains "stationmaster" of the word, of course, some of their own hair, some other webmasters reproduced, or voluntary for the link, this is the love of Shanghai understand the normal chain.


some people say that this is not the weight, dispersing it, such a solution is: anchor text weight high website "core keywords, low weight of other sites with the occasional points such as" company name, brand + keywords, regional + > off


I like everyone, see this title to write a little tongue twisters feeling, but the combination of the contents of this paper think carefully, you will find that Shanghai Longfeng methods are not the same.

Because .

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