Depth analysis of love Shanghai encyclopedia single page ranking high internal


of a page in a H1, we all know this. In this picture, H1 content in the smooth and clean: only love Shanghai Encyclopedia of four words, no other. At the same time, according to the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love code depth analysis, I found that H1 is not only the means to tell what is the search engine "the main content of the expression, the more important point is: through the H1, he told the web search engine, the main part of the search engine is started, he was. A warning sign. This is also a noted, why not recommend H1 with LOGO, if H1 began content has not started, is quite friendly to search engine.

three, H1 is what the meaning of

we see this even a picture, in the encyclopedia, B labels are quite many, even some decorative symbols are B. Although this but the first B tag to "love Shanghai." these four words.

Two, how to use

from this picture can be seen, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love advocate streamline bloated title writing, but not now the pursuit of the keyword stack, secondly you may have found that description and keywords are no longer exists, only the title, display in the search engine is described by a former part of the automatic extraction of Web pages. That is to say you can completely ignore you after two.

Everyone on the H1



four, about B of the use of Strong and

how to write


, Title Description Keywords

label should not be unfamiliar, but H1 what it means and how to use



love Shanghai encyclopedia in Shanghai Longfeng Er heart has always been a myth, a single page of high ranking. How to make your own website to do like Wikipedia, the encyclopedia into the code, depth analysis of love Shanghai encyclopedia single page ranking high internal.

we should note that the ALT attribute is not written "love Shanghai encyclopedia", but to "Wikipedia page", I personally feel that the market has used LOGO H1 wrap is fraught, there is a reason, see interpretation of the next H1. At the same time with img alt attribute tag. So when you write after the IMG tag uses this method < img alt= "src=" >, the ALT property in advance.


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