A novice how to learn Shanghai Dragon

first, throw out a few problems, if you are puzzled by these problems, then you need to read my article, if it’s not your problem, then you can turn off the page. First, learning Shanghai dragon will be your interest; second, you clear your learning Shanghai Longfeng purpose? Third, whether you have make a study plan; fourth, whether you have the ability of self-study; fifth, Shanghai dragon fail to learn how to do? These five questions, if you are confused then, take the time to read.

is learning motivation, then started immediately. Execution is the key. You have a system of learning plan, the word may be too rigid, so have you thought about how the learning process? Here I said my study plan, I am an ordinary person, so I this process will certainly and a lot of people plan to repeat, is suitable for the public to learn. Do you think you are gifted, so you can change the other way, if you don’t think you have what special, you can refer to my process.

now, Shanghai dragon learning is really set off a trend, from 90 to 70, from students to the boss, every dream and network related people are likely to learn, then there is Everfount newcomers to join Shanghai Longfeng learning. I am also a rookie, but should not be regarded as a new person. I contact Shanghai dragon from 10 years of work in August, until now, has been in continuous learning, many in the QQ group chat also came into contact with many friends just learning Shanghai dragon, have communication. I experience in my own study, and combined with the new communication problems analysis how to learn new Shanghai dragon.

pressure is the driving force of interest is the motive power is the dream. In a person’s motivation there are many ways to get. So what is your motivation? This is very important, if you have seen some inspirational books, you will see one thing in common, that is inspirational books will be referred to perseverance, interest, to mention mention. Because these are your success zuobangyoubi. My motivation is my interest, I was on the computer, the interest on the internet. Fingers on the computer, I will not feel tired, I will feel happy, then I go to study in Shanghai dragon I will not feel tired, read English books and my feeling is very different. What is your motivation? Hope you answer when the interest motive is the most potential, if you can’t answer this question, or persuade you to stop the current learning to think about it. The worst is your answer to make money. I will not say more.

two. Your study plan

your power.

I analyze the following points:

is my first contact with the Shanghai dragon work, from the beginning of a chain of tasks. Online spread the word "essence of Shanghai Longfeng work is outside.

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