Discussion how to make love Shanghai snapshot update

update frequency snapshot and weight of love Shanghai actually does not have any direct relationship, many people think that the more frequently updated snapshot, so the higher the weight of the site, whereas the lower. In fact is not the case, we all know the weight of some large web sites is very high, but it is love or stay in Shanghai a few months ago snapshot. This is a very normal, in front of Shanghai is said to love a snapshot update according to the website itself to do some changes were updated snapshot of the love of Shanghai. So, love Shanghai love Shanghai weight snapshot and does not have any direct relationship.

love Shanghai love Shanghai snapshots and weight related

original articles from Deyang Shanghai Dragon: 贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon.Qcool.cn please indicate, thank you

love Shanghai snapshot update summary

love is how to update the

when the original page has been deleted or modified, shielding, love Shanghai search engine will delete, shielding or modified site according to the specific circumstances of the web page snapshot.


Love is what

snapshot has included a page automatically stored in the page cache on the server to love Shanghai. Love Shanghai snapshots are temporary cache of text, pictures, music and other non text information is stored in the original page. Love Shanghai snapshot of existence is to help the user experience. For example, when we love Shanghai this keyword search Deyang Shanghai dragon, found the Shanghai dragon.Qcool.cn. But the web server is not stable, leading to the site open. So this time love Shanghai play a role, it can provide a cached page for the user.

snapshot Shanghai

ShanghaiLove is love Shanghai Shanghai

in all factors like Shanghai snapshot update is numerous, because love is need to be updated snapshot of Shanghai love Shanghai included. The influencing factors included the page and has included a snapshot of the page is varied, so love is not what Shanghai snapshot update shortcuts. And we need to do is to improve the quality of the page and update frequency, so that faster love Shanghai prefer our website and page will make our website snapshot update. Of course, here don’t suggest that clueless to update the content, not to release some of the relatively low quality. Love Shanghai because search engines will not be included in these low quality web page.

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