Critical thinking and details is website ranking

log analysis

The principle of

log analysis is every webmaster essential, especially the station early, you can get a lot of information from the log, the spider IP, spider crawling number, crawling pages, crawling columns, crawling, from these data can make you understand the site is normal, there is no 404, what time is included the article, "

you must first understand what is your website, what users need, there is no way that the site has a label in the user’s mind, this is what the user wants to tag users when they think of your website. For example, you want to live, then you think is YY, teeth, Betta, Ying Ke; want to see Shanghai Dragon technology, you will think of A5 and Chinaz; to understand the home thing, think of XX XX, the number of public forums. This tag can be small or large, but must be valuable in this direction, you are the best one or the one and only. For example, small leather assistant development Android Mobile Games simulator. Find the label, then this is the easiest way to one of the accumulation of users.


then you want good development direction and purpose of their plan, and then toward that goal has been to move forward, not only to the website of Shanghai dragon, if you want to become bigger and stronger, so we must give up some things, have to stand for something, to abandon acquisition, give up the black hat, give up do not belong to you who adhere to the original, adhere to the value of the site, adhere to the website can give you the benefits of things. Many websites in order to spread a lot of words, can a large number of keywords ranking, flow method using collection, grab some relatively poor correlation, but the final result is the flow is there, but not what the egg, do not bring value to the site, resulting in the site or company after the continued weakness, has been stagnant.

keyword classification, respectively in the layout page, column page, the article page keywords, not think while doing, the article also not see which article hair which article, this is what most people will make mistakes, have to have a purpose, the words you need to rank the laying of good. After rising weight ranking rose to lay a good foundation.


site layout

now, Shanghai dragon called technology has few, can be called the most black hat tactics, if someone asked me how to do Shanghai dragon ah, I feel shy to say, for friends of the chain, and the chain, the site layout, this is what technology, novice to do 35 months on the basic will, gossip less pull, I personally feel that the Shanghai dragon now more important is the thought and the details of the optimization, and said the friends of the chain, the chain, just basic skills.

details of the optimization

is to your site the most valuable thing in the show as much love Shanghai spiders in front, make it easy to see and crawling.

mining and layoutThe

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