Fast bag Xu Zhiming 7 11 with McDonald’sTaobao or entrepreneurial fertile soil

, Taobao’s water is much deeper than we think, the most difficult is how to let people find your shop, traffic is the biggest problem. Under the condition of limited capital, you will find good. Even through the train, if you do not understand the rules of operation, but also a money burning thing;

1. How to choose category

let’s talk about my situation here, I quit a high paying job to start Taobao business, when I was doing along with two other friends, a responsible artist, a purchasing first part, I am responsible for the operation. But only when I know what to do, I think there is always a gap between reality and reality. Apart from some of the mobile phone shell industry itself, the main lessons are:

Xu Zhiming said that this is the idea of a fast bag. A "fancy" soon became serious thinking. He decided to sell books for an hour". Soon, however, he found that merely selling books was a dead end". After discussing with his wife Gao Zhihong many times, and even consulting Li Guoqing, CEO, Xu Zhiming finally decided to open an online convenience store.


early stock selection error, not to customer demand oriented, more according to their preferences, and finally led to many products unsalable;

in January of that year, Xu Zhiming decided to open an online bookstore for an hour". This was his idea of being bored at one time".

Xu Zhiming Sina pictures

financial weekly reporter Huang Jian / Wen

The so-called "

"the difference between me and other electricity providers is faster than they are."." Xu Zhiming smiled, his last words a loud, simply.

selection category is always a headache, especially for those of us who do not have product experience and too much money for entrepreneurs, there is no way to start, here to give you some big directions:

June 7, 2010, Xu Zhiming officially launched the fast bag, start-up capital of 3 million, raised 1 million, 2 million yuan is >

said so much, the main purpose is to tell you, when you start your business, you have to take into account all possible problems, and to solve and solve the problem. Through our practice in the past few months, we will answer some questions that we are more concerned with:

Xu Zhiming is an optimist and laughs a lot when chatting with a financial weekly newspaper reporter. Although he is still at a loss, he still believes there is a blue ocean".

Xu Zhiming every day the first thing is to brush micro-blog around all kinds of fast bag topic.


introduction before entrepreneur released the "three months" of the Taobao business sour, sweet, bitter, hot source: public account SUNTalk, Taobao caused a lot of entrepreneurs also have a lot of sympathy, for the peer hero Chai son give advice and suggestions. Following the latest childe Wang Bowen, the past and future, I hope to give the majority of Taobao entrepreneurs or are ready to start Taobao business friends some enlightenment.

Xu Zhiming told financial weekly newspaper reporter, online open convenience store is a Jingdong and other large electricity supplier website can not see the open virgin soil. He wants to move the 7-11 – style convenience store to the Internet, when the convenience store is not yet wired.


44 year old Xu Zhiming is of medium height, slightly plump, wearing a dark t-shirt, sitting in a cafe in Beijing near Sanyuanqiao, to talk about his new company.

online 7-11

earlier, Xu Zhiming travel to Hangzhou, in the hotel in the evening to read the book, carry bored, wondering is there a "one hour online bookstore, a telephone book sent immediately.

we’ve also tried selling goods on the Internet and Dunhuang, but we’re asking people. Of course, the product may be the problem, or price problems, but because our English is not very good, resulting in the operation also encountered many problems. So then slowly gave up.

"where people go, where to set up, what to sell 7-11, we sell what."."

so imperceptibly after a few months, has not improved, our team has changed, the funds have less confidence, it is more and more low, finally only I a person in combat.

2010, Xu Zhiming 42 years old, decided to start second times. Prior to this, he was the owner of a chain of advertising bookstores, earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Xu Zhiming thought it was only a small workshop after all. "The ceiling is low, not much."". He wants to be a project with capital and unlimited expansion.

recently, many friends have asked me what I want to do as a Taobao. Is it a part-time or full-time job? Taobao is not suitable for starting a business and so on. Today, these are all concerned about the issue of a chat, not necessarily right, but they are my own real experience, I hope to be able to help you.

, this is his second venture, he wants to challenge. His company is called "fast bag", but it is not only to sell books, but an online store. His trick is "fast", an hour delivery.

1, choose the category of competition: how to know the competition is small?


but not fast breaking, Xu Zhiming hopes to rely on a" fast "trick, for a city in the fierce competition in the field of electronic business.

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