Grassroots webmaster essential website technology makes Shanghai dragon more handy

HTML code

The First, the

none based studies may be difficult point, but as long as you work hard, you will be ground into a needle! Learned these techniques, you want to how to adjust how to adjust, not subject to any limitations. Some people would say that the Shanghai dragon is relying on resources, really very reasonable. We are the grassroots, everything from scratch, how resources? "

this is a pediatrician! But also not easy to learn the fine. Excel is mainly used for data monitoring, analysis. The importance of the more accurate as can be imagined! Or recommend the use of SPSS, may not have heard! Statistical analysis software. Love Shanghai.

third, Javascript

sixth, SQL

second, DIV+CSS


JavaScript JS, the use of time is also very much, such as a form of authentication, copyright information, there is the addition of Amoy code in the page, love Shanghai to Amoy is very offensive, do you know.


Shanghai dragon really need to understand the technology? I think this is not required for a topic of debate. I walked all the way, the deep feelings of. Especially as a grassroots, is more obvious. Website optimization work from the requirement analysis to the website of the final line, which runs through, in Shanghai Longfeng navigation standard. Do not optimize the exception. If is the enterprise burden of these costs is a small CASE, and as a grassroots us, everything from cost considerations. Therefore as a grassroots we must learn some simple construction technology, it is possible to make our small investment expansion for return. The Chengdu Shanghai dragon share the essential skills of grassroots webmaster. Get rid of the technical barriers, Shanghai dragon can be handy.

HTML code is the basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon! This must be. With it you can easily change the label.

at least learn to use a CMS system. If you learn in front of three points, CMS making use of a website, it is not an easy job to do? CMS generation is not programmed in order to take care of the kids, so go back to CMS call label. Rote, meaning. Practice makes perfect.

fifth, Excel

Web2.0 era, abandoned table, most websites use this layout. So learn this is a must. With this technology, you can easily adjust the page layout, not money in person.

is commonly used in DEDECMS system, so this is very useful, you can batch operation data, compared with the manual fast do not know how many times. It is necessary to weigh their own

fourth, CMS system using

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