Don’t fear in the search engine algorithm to adjust the change from the pope

with the updated search engine again and again, the algorithm again and again three to adjust, at the end of the month can be said that the owners of this group are in a state of tension, very afraid of their website ranking drop down. In fact, as long as we grasp the trend of the future development trend of search engine it, then your website closely combined with the trend to do it, so no need to worry because the search engine ranking algorithm to change and lose, so today I will discuss with you about the search engine algorithm changes the trend of some of the views.

site and ranking is also very worthy of the webmaster to think, for the search engine is now more and more attention to business, enterprise users, to the webmaster is very harsh, why? We can find that today’s new sites, no resources under the condition of certain general >

is the site of the chain, the search engine, now foreign chain management is increasingly strengthened, through the chain of materiality, update degree and quality aspects of the original basic conditions to provide a lot of. Believe that many webmaster friends will find that many of the chain released later, with the number of the migration time of the chain to reduce day by day, and the search engine and the emergence of some of the site’s content as the form of the chain, so to strengthen the search engine system. Now a lot of details from everyone can see the search engine external quality assessment chain continue to strengthen, so that the owners in the chain at the same time we must pay attention to the quality of the chain and the legitimacy of the details, do not just do some garbage outside the chain, which is not only useless, sometimes the chain is not good also may influence the website, so the webmaster must pay attention to these.

The weight of

first, the content of the website can thick suspected in the first row, for good content, we can from the site collected to check, if often release some similar content then the content of the website will be included in a step by step less, so as a good webmaster, if you want to own site of long-term development, then can use the method of synchronous updating to make site replication to the content of the collected first, otherwise the contents of this search engine is generally considered invalid content, if the family can not do update case, I suggest that you can take false original method to update, but the face of the column relatively more sites, pseudo original effect will be reduced, because a large number of titles and other similar Similar content of the site, it will make the weight of the site is in a downward trend, so in terms of the content of the best still belongs to the original content. The original ability is powerful webmaster, can often put their content through the soft Wen contribute way to increase their site outside of the chain, with the increase, the daily release of naturally reproduced more, so the number of the chain will increase, the weight is not that it must be greatly improved. Of course this is to adhere to a process.

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