Ten years can iPhone still be coolWhat are we talking about when we talk about country tours

2014, second quarter, apple Greater China revenue grew 13%;

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October 17, 2014, iPhone 6/6 Plus officially sold in the country, the Apple’s largest screen phone in history has been touted by Chinese consumers. "I remember the day when the offering was the same as when the iPhone 4 was just listed, and the stores were so crowded that they wanted to buy big ones."." According to a Apple Retail Store employees recalled.



if the first Chinese 1986 farmhouse "Xu courtyard" in the birth of Chengdu as "the creation" of rural tourism, tourism after thirty years Chinese country has changed reborn. According to the "Chinese rural tourism development index report" data, in 2016, Chinese rural tourism passengers reached 1 billion 360 million passengers, revenue reached more than 400 billion yuan, and forecast the future of rural tourism, the tourism industry will China is the fastest growing sector in 2025, nearly 3 billion people, rural tourism is expected to become a huge market trillion revenue the.

1, tuyere

2013, fourth quarter, apple Greater China revenue grew 6%;

2014, fourth quarter, apple Greater China revenue grew 1%;

although the rural tourism has been more than thirty years since the "Genesis", the recent strong wind in rural tourism started in 2015. This year, there is a good atmosphere of the former CCTV host, in the "NPC and CPPCC" held on the eve, brought a film called "under the dome" documentary to the public, "I am not afraid of death, I just don’t want to live", body emaciated Jing Chai in the film the warmth of confession, not only "the haze has become bad environment of disappointed people collective dissatisfaction with" punching bag ", is to promote the urban residents in the vast land of China" countryside "a craze, big city and the urban residents is not only limited in the traditional sense, has shown the spread the three or four line of the city.

hardware run spy exposure and release date, the consumer market is also concerned about the actual meaning of the next generation iPhone on Apple’s 2017 fiscal year, while also looking forward to how the concern of the intelligent mobile phone can return to sales growth in the Greater China region.

at the same time, in the same year, a short essay was posted on the Internet. It was called "how the English gentlemen take back the pastoral life". This paper describes in late nineteenth Century, the British were a "British where" the discussion, the British have the same name and Chinese now "world factory", people also lamented the "back to a place called home", the result of this debate is the representative value of the countryside the concept of "English gentleman" won, so Britain has lost its status as the world’s factory, the result is the world-famous England beautiful countryside.

1. middle class consumption upgrade


these two stories, although the intention is different, but it illustrates a basic logic of Rural Tourism: a perspective, the rise of rural tourism is the inevitable result of the development of the city! On the one hand, rural tourism consumer demand has distinct characteristics of the times: the city residents to get rid of the rhythm of tension, away from the haze filled city, crowded streets, narrow living space and food safety; on the other hand, the spirit and the pursuit of self-cultivation, recover the original simplicity cultural tradition, "nostalgia" in the West have significant universal value, it is decided to rural tourism has great prospects for the development of the economy and the humanities base.

, according to Apple’s fiscal 2017 second quarter results, the quarter total revenue of $52 billion 896 million, compared to the same period last year growth of 5%, but did not reach the capital market expectations, the Greater China revenue of $10 billion 726 million, down 14%. It is worth mentioning that, in the quarter, iPhone sales in the United States increased by 11%, but sales in China fell by 14%.

has third party data showing that the iPhone 6 series sold more than 20 million units in China only six months later. Among them, due to the promotion of life, the screen becomes larger and other reasons, making Chinese consumers more interested in iPhone 6 Plus.

2014, third quarter, apple Greater China revenue grew 28%;

earnings conference, Cook specifically downplayed iPhone’s concerns about declining sales in the world’s largest mobile phone market, which he believes is similar to the past few years. But he also talked about growing competition from smartphone makers in China, such as HUAWEI, which are eating into Apple’s market share.

2014 first quarter, apple Greater China revenue grew 29%;

Greater China fell five

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and the rapid development of China’s rural tourism market at the present stage is also driven by two factors:

‘s 5.5 inch screen’s iPhone stimulated sales growth, but Apple’s "Greater China" days didn’t last long. Since the second quarter of 2016 earnings, Apple’s Greater China revenue will decline year on year, the starting point of this time, just after the iPhone 6S series listed for six months. Browse Apple’s nearly fifteen quarters of earnings, you can see that its Greater China revenue in the last five quarters of continuous decline.

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