Small websites will become the main part of e commerceMaking money with fresh ideas

Wang Jianshuo said, if this model upside down, allowing users to pay for Internet services from bottom to top, in order to revitalize the entire Internet market. In addition, he will also be small website master first-hand information compared to e-commerce " real money, ", and they will directly cut into the market, there will be a win-win situation.

there is a very unusual French restaurant in the 798 factory area of Shanghai, the fashionable French restaurant in the warehouse. Its owner is a girl under 30 years old: Liu Dan. She said, chose the shop open French restaurant, because the design of this workshop is very chic, a skirt and top windows, a bit like the palaces of europe. Here, there is a romantic atmosphere of the French royal family in the middle ages. Skillfully add "lights" with colorful lights

"scissors, stone, cloth" as it sells a scissors, stone, cloth such gadgets! In a new store opened Shanghai Hutong area, as long as go, Amoy Teng it for an hour, you are not out. A door of the most prominent celebrities Beijing traditional handicraft – knife horse, and with "evil Doll" pattern of the cloth lamp, this lamp pattern and in front of this piece of handmade paper-cut are shopkeepers handmade. There are careful shopkeeper in each paper-cut side also revealed the story of the reason, this is your store in the biggest harvest, don’t just buy art, but also a cultural! Many things store are the lost folk handicrafts. The store’s New Year pictures, handmade paper cutting and embroidery are all near extinction. The shop cloth painting, colorful stones, carved prints are rarely in the streets to see the arts and crafts, and a non andsellpaintings "China first cut" eighty-four year old Mrs. Ku Shulan heard. Although the store things are very refined, but the price is not expensive, generally between 2 yuan to 200 yuan. The store is popular with young people and is often in an endless stream.

Wang Jianshuo will present the domestic online advertising market called " money leakage model " this model, still rely on " giving major manufacturers of ":VC the first part of the site to vote the money after the site with advertising alliance issued to tens of thousands of small sites. Wang Jianshuo believes that this concentration of the market is not conducive to the healthy development of the internet.

goes along the lavender wall and sees the stylish design hidden in a residential building. At the end of the stairs is an open kitchen with a coffee table on the terrace, and the entrance to the hall is like this:

inadvertently inserted willow willow shady

cool shop! Scissors, stones, cloth, new ideas, selling products, taking the story,

" over the next five years, the entire Internet will be moving from centralized to distributed " Wang Jianshuo predicts that, for e-commerce, classification, as the most basic form of information organization, will be more effective than search.

design is the owner of a clothing designer, at first just want to design their own clothing and jewelry have a resting place, later, more and more friends brought their own design work, then, is the fashion design, all of the goods by the individual design Handmade and limited edition this egg like stuff that is a wine opener; and the bike chain are made necklace……

Shanghai is now a place to play more and more, it is said that the bar, what Taoba, DV bar, tea bar, book bar, Latin, and now a fashion design, this is how it goes.

alternative French restaurant

feel creative at the same time, also can sit on the balcony, brew a cup of Black Tea feet. Because the product of fashion design is almost unique, so its business is surprisingly good.

in April 12th, said the classified information website Kijiji CEO Wang Jianshuo told the media in Beijing, the small website will become the main body of the electronic commerce, and classification will be a sword to revitalize the market.

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