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everyone is culture, at the same time, I was an ordinary webmaster. But I always believe that there are a lot of people on the ideal and dream interpretation and definition is not clear, as we often ask what is happiness? The answer is all kinds of, because the understanding of the meaning of different ideals and dreams is the same, a written explanation of "ideal" is the human imagination for the future of things and hope, "the dream" is human’s longing for the beautiful and imagination, and sometimes unrealistic.

ideals and dreams lead a fast children through university, into the community, there is a job you love, happy life, but the reality is cruel, reason aspects, in the face of life, I had to lower the head of pride, to give up the specialty, into another the field in this area, I slowly learn slowly, although I do not fine, although not Keban, but I know that in a machine like environment, I love him, I know I must go this way in the future, Xinjiang in recent years I have changed too much all in all, and may include character.

now I have 3 months after the real 25 years old, a few years before the real, but I just graduated back to that time, all helpless, confused, because I left my familiar city, came to Beijing, to the day here, I know that everything is over start, my relationships, the environment will change, I am ready, but true to this, I know that for everything is useless, it is a money society, looking for work being blocked, the economy more and more tight, I really could not bear soon, not work hard to find, I want to find a suitable for the development of their work, for me this is the beginning, so some picky when I heard that "don’t pick up just to find a job with it, not so strong" > this girl

      after the system, released the 2006 annual Internet market data in January 10, 2007 July 9, 2007, 2007 the first half release of the data China Internet market and the 2007 Chinese Internet Conference conference held in beijing. By Chinese Internet association as a guide unit, the 2007 annual survey of Internet DCCI Internet data center and Internet association China exchange and development center as the host unit joint implementation, part of the data and analysis in four aspects of the conference site and the main site of stage of the release of the overall market, network advertising, network video, search engine etc..

positioning in white-collar population of MSN China, as well as each formed differentiated positioning MOP, China network, TOM, the formation of more obvious features, differentiated competition.

mail marketing is developing at a steady pace, but not very profitable. Digital magazine manufacturers have not yet been recognized by a large number of advertisers, but still exist in the market.

Analysis of the latest I also have

from the point of view of the sample size of users and the degree of enterprise participation, China Internet survey is the largest user and industry market survey in China so far. It has been held for three years in the past. Since 2007, China’s Internet survey has been changed into a continuous and dynamic survey, forming a monthly, quarterly, semi annual and annual dynamic measurement of the market and the audience.

DCCI Internet Data Center released show that in 2007 1-6 months, from the competition of network advertisement market, segmentation, professional media is gradually formed, the impact of media streaming, advertisers advertisers attention from the large and turned fine and designed for vertical type of media attention and resources are continuous improvement.

video and community and affiliate marketing, showing innovative products, marketing ability, but to achieve massive profits and time, needs new development, funding and implementation enough to get rid of Rio case marketing.

2007 1-6 months, Sina, Sohu, Tencent and NetEase as a leader in Internet advertising continues to show strong competitiveness, Sina’s position as a media focus and strengthen the Sohu, advertising revenue growth significantly, and the video Olympic strategy is to promote a strong, Tencent with huge IM user base and innovation ability showed potential for development the larger, its brand and marketing strategy to import more advertisers.

in the early Chinese class, the teacher will ask what is your ideal? What are the students answer, teachers, engineers, scientists………. childhood not unconsciously passed, when junior high school, the ideal again changed, when grown up, mature most people, ideal to test a good university, so for the same dream, imperceptibly youth also missed, wait until the University, the ideal into a search for a stable job, to live the life I want, unconsciously wonderful college life has gone through into the community, unsuspectingly this big family, the cruel persecution in real life, most people put down the ideal, only for life, only slightly some dreams, because he could only think of Can not be achieved, everyone can not escape, ideals and dreams change, make most people overwhelmed, some chose to fall, some chose marriage, some chose……… To strive for the ideal person, only a handful of.

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