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had a netizen a I was in college when I recently asked in what to do, how to do the site? To be honest, I think he is asking my main business now that the logo class design website, but later found that he is a website of my university administrator. When he paid a lot for my website. Then I think of who he is, and then I’ll talk about it now and remember the old things. When he learned that the site was forgotten and he felt very sorry, he thinks that if I was the site adhere to do enough to let me have ample food and clothing. Indeed, according to the development speed that I was the site can really let me have ample food and clothing. I was the main site is to provide students some learning materials, the short time to the development of the number of daily unique visitors over 10000, and absorb a lot of the same college administrator, this is with me was an administrator. May be a little bit of the past feelings, so I want to write something to aftertaste, but also want to give you a hint, take less detours.

when I was a student, I was when I graduated from college a year later, because I was familiar with the National Computer Rank Examination and the continuous test of four grades, and this result is enough to let students see Guamu for a non computer professional students. Maybe my heart in the students appreciated with some sense of achievement, so I started to write some articles on my blog to share my information and experiences, back to more people and more convenient to share, I started to make a web site, is my own test preparation materials and test time to share it, share to all schools across the country to college students, the idea is so simple. But not every day for a month to more than 1000 users, and later found data more attractive, because sometimes a set of data can attract tens of thousands of people crowd, so I started to change into a special information sharing, and in September of that year, every day visitors has exceeded ten thousand, but when the website has some very active administrator. However, in the twinkling of an eye, in October, I began to busy my study preparation, and then I went to see after a month, the site traffic decreased significantly. In second years I am failure, look back at the site, can be used to describe it linger on residual coupons at the same time, the original administrator is already busy with their job or continue to learn things, but when I think of that year continues to be active in this site, is already too late.

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A few days ago

I’m a grass root. Although I’m not eating on the Internet, it’s almost accidental that I love the internet. Over the past few years, I remain a fan of the Internet, still concerned about the Internet, there are still several websites, and one of them is still operating well, at least I think so.

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