Ma Jiajia dialogue red and black sleeves lifted after get rid of ignoranceStart from scratch CPS we

2 was invited as the beautiful models, said third began in the unfamiliar street popular Ma Jiajia, look at how jumei, aunt do these men make women founder? Why anti pink? What celebrities can enter her user list? To billion state power network Ma Jiajia, listening to her talk about High on behalf of the the values and product concept.

in the Internet world, red and black is a common phenomenon. After 90 entrepreneurs Ma Jiajia also in 2014 quickly experienced "red and black", and her popularity and being black, basically because of sharp, heavy taste of speech and views. In the comments, is a non polarized coerced years, Ma Jiajia fiddle with a female community of "High", a trip into what she called "" mobile community dividend failure field.

, a new generation of girls influenced by American culture, is neither clever nor wild. Neither milk tea nor Pan Shuangshuang’s Emma Watson girl.


my website page is very simple, basically no hard wide, no more popups or anything. Keep a few updates every day, mainly on women’s beauty, skin care, skin care and makeup. Of course, these articles are basically copied, but I will make some changes, the topic is "must change"

billion state power network: do you think that the "new" girls and men along the way what is the


pursues sexy, likes to wear TOPSHOP, AmericanAppreal and other sports wind "short tight dew", buy antique Chanel jewelry. To go to the gym, tanning, appearance requirements, there is a wealth of plastic knowledge. Intelligent, intelligent, humorous, able to learn and play. There is very obvious to Chen Danqing can livehouse proficiency in a particular line. Both men and women love, don’t you not hypocritical, popular, appealing and loyal. Pursue dating culture, in love, can be a girlfriend, a friend, a comrade in arms. Not output dignified feeling, oppressive feeling. Love sex life.

by analyzing your resources, you need to understand at least several points, who the audience is, what audiences need, and what advertising they might accept. Think about what they really need with an average netizen.

when you understand your own resources, you should have targeted advertising. The best advertisement is content. When the audience reads the ads on the web as what they need, you’ve almost done half of it.

first: understand your own resources,

pictured Ma Jiajia right, Su mang left two, and high’s partner Guo Han left

second: the best advertisement is content

Ma Jiajia: if it is a friend, then men and women are not bad, should not be so forced.

is currently the larger e-commerce website basically built the CPS alliance, such as Jingdong, where customers, Dangdang, excellence, dream bazaar etc.. The basic operation mode is user register in the alliance, the choice of goods code, and linked to their website or blog, users click and buy it, will be settled with the Union in a certain period of time.

what types of websites or blogs, or even micro-blog, are you

who is the audience? How many? How about age? How about purchasing power?

Ma Jiajia: young, call the "new girl".

as a CPS engaged in advertising for nearly 5 years of personal part-time webmaster, although the monthly income is not much, but basically stable at 2000 – 3000, with a monthly income of over 10000 CPS many webmaster certainly can not be compared, but in how to carry out CPS advertising or a novice, some of their own experiences, may to share with you.

love, the previous pursuit of breeding love. All for breeding purposes, the general idea is to use "I have what conditions" to replace "what are you going to give me?"". Used to face a guy


understands that the resources he has are simple to say, but really difficult to do. Basically, every webmaster has more than 2 websites, and even more than 10. All you have to do now is analyze your website.

CPS is English cost per sale abbreviation, according to the literal meaning to understand, is in accordance with the amount of sales to obtain their own Commission, it is now more popular e-commerce circle marketing model.


, for example, I once did a website for women’s physiological ovulation calculation. It’s very simple. Download a gadget from the Internet and build a simple page to complete. In sh419 keyword ranking will not be very high, at the beginning of about third pages, every day there are about more than 100 IP browser or so.

"independent, pioneer, young girl, in the high, talk about gender relations and self growth, and then go to the next line, become friends, but not just friends, we have a common enemy, a common dream, to become the common way, support each other, a doctrine creed, we are one ethnic group, a gang." Ma Jiajia describes High’s application scene, saying she wants to address the "isolation" of independent women".

: High billion state power network called themselves "new women gathering", your definition of "new women" what is

do these audiences regularly visit your website? If you want to find out why they’re back, that’s where the site is. If not, then make a summary.

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