nternet Medical Survival Report where are the 533 companies that have invested in the past 5 yearsT

2, the entrepreneur in the medical field, has a lower death rate.

since 2016, with the market of the two cold winter capital theory in various fields are popular, Internet health was also affected, every layoffs, corporate restructuring or shut down, will become clear evidence of winter capital theory "". For example, recently Xunyiwenyao, 160 medical drug layoffs storm, awesome exit are maxed out my circle of friends.


the past months, finishing the arterial network since January 2011 since the inception of Internet plus medical industry data of 1134 enterprises, and focus on the statistics of 533 have invested in the industry category, the establishment of financial data, since financing rounds, the founder of the background, the enterprise survival, the time of death in more than 20 dimensions data. According to the above data, we will do the cleaning and analysis, and sort out the industry survival report.


, the survival rate of more than 80%, indicating investors eye bang bang da.

, let’s share some of the ideas we’ve got through data:

3, a number of specialist areas have achieved good development.


from the beginning of 2011 statistics, because this is the first year of the development of Internet plus medical companies, most of the medical enterprise with internet genes are born in 201>

Tobey research team was voted on these platform disclosure of capital side correlation tracking that the year 2016 there were more than 240 venture capital institutions have given different degrees of attention to China’s B2B industry, which China, Jingwei Kai Fu capital, IDG capital, DCM Chinese Konami in a Senate vote number and other investment institutions in the forefront. We further believe that the development of China’s B2B industry, after the 2015 "Happy Valley enclosure" and "Big Bang", the growth of the industry climate has been formed, >

plotted Liu Huiguang and wrote Liu Zongyu, and Wang Guanglong also contributed to the report.

as a deeply in the field of medical Internet media, arterial network decided to seriously sort out the past 5 years, the real development of internet medical, capital is the winter and warm winter, start-ups are lucky or miserable, we use the data to speak.

editor’s note: as an e-commerce model of cross border Internet, the B2B plays a vital role in the innovation of the stock economy, the reform of revenue generation and the supply side structural reform. In recent years, the rapid rise of transaction based B2B platform has become the most favored business model for the real economy to find ways to transform and upgrade. Based on the above research, since this year’s Tobey 2017 will be regularly year by year March released last year B2B industry financing report, including a financing event, won the general investment platform, capital association and so on, provide different perspectives of the reference value in order to give B2B venture. It should be noted that the research focus of this report is the capital profile of the transaction based B2B platform, and the corporate financing profile will continue to be written in subsequent updates of the report.


4, capital has been increasing investment in internet medical

Tobey research team was voted on these platform set up where the statistics found that Beijing became the B2B platform is most densely populated city, followed by Shanghai, Guangdong and Zhejiang and other eastern coastal areas; Tobey research team according to the dimension of the industry further analysis that the 2016 annual TOP5 event to obtain financing for agricultural industry FMCG, automotive, industrial, textile and clothing, and this corresponds with the 2015 annual TOP5 event to obtain financing for agriculture, automobile industry, logistics and freight forwarding, FMCG, chemical industry, overall agricultural B2B, FMCG B2B, car B2B platform has become the most favored capital sector in recent years in the industry.

533 companies, 1 investment in

from the beginning of 2011, the first batch of internet medical enterprise was established in 2014 -2015, a peak Internet plus medical development, the emergence of a large number of huge financing enterprises. But after the second half of 2015, around the focus of commercial realization of the topic, the internet medical or medical Internet debate has not stopped.

as of December 31, 2016, the Tobey net enterprise database included 2016 annual financing B2B platform since 188, compared with 2015 the year 205 compared to 8.2% year-on-year decline; Tobey research team estimates that 2016 annual B2B financing amount of more than 17 billion 70 million yuan not including the 12 did not disclose the amount of investment by financing platform, and 2015 annual financing amount of 11 billion 620 million yuan not including 9 did not disclose the amount of capital financing platform compared to an increase of 46.9%; Tobey research team for the year 2016 was 188 investment and financing platform for industry dimensions that these were voted platform involving a total of 19 industries, continue to cover 2015 annual industry involved and there is a small amplitude expansion.

Why do we choose

since January 2011, a total of 1134 domestic Internet plus medical enterprise was born, they are distributed in 10 areas of health care, medical treatment, specialist services, medical information technology, biological technology etc.. Among them, have access to institutional and individual investment of a total of 533 companies, we will focus on the analysis of the data of 533 companies and survival, because won the financing of the enterprise, in the business to be more mature, larger value analysis.

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