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in 2012, before the arrival of the so-called "doomsday", jumei launched a television advertisement, "the dream is doomed lonely journey, the road ultimately questioned and ridiculed, as young people speak for themselves against others mocking words of the pet phrase. In May 2014, jumei listed on the NYSE’s main board, after 80’s founder and CEO Chen ou, the value soared to 8 billion yuan.

is the most enjoyable for the readers, but unfortunately, the process is too short to describe. The interested reader, can put this fried hot, then the dark horse brother will let Meng Bing write a few articles, let everyone falls.

how many failures does it take before a success? How many meters does a bamboo need before it bursts? Is it possible for a person to change his own fate?

The pain of starting a business in

over the past year, CEO West master Meng Bing through many companies, facing bankruptcy, account to visit the bottom; a serious illness, can not afford to buy tickets to go home; the founding team of cahuo, public opinion was rape.

Although the

"90" is a false proposition. How can a label represent a generation?

I collapsed feebly in the corner and slowly recalled. Recall the mother’s smile, I recall my childhood brother warm hands, back in the first kiss, I recall a friend faithful vow. I lie in the corner, hysterical, crying like a child, crying with all my might.

of mature entrepreneurs, these things are of no importance, not what, but Meng Bing is only 24 years old, is a newly graduated college age.

from this point of view, Meng Bing is still a handsome man paper

Chen at the age of 34, became the richest man China. Ma Huateng 34 years old, Tencent listed. Ding Lei 30 years old, NetEase listed.

rejects "90" label

cloud computing company speed network CEO Guo Xiufeng also to once high sounding words will fall a big somersault grounds, refused to interview.

I keep asking myself, over and over again, the answer becomes clear from the clear, and from vague to clear.

was born in the last century in 90s, this group of entrepreneurs, in addition to relatively abundant material life, vision is also more open. When I was in junior high school, I knew the wide world through the Internet. I knew I would do something different, not my parents, doctors, lawyers and accountants." When it comes to entrepreneurship, a 90 entrepreneurs girl told the "IT times" reporter has long been buried in her heart of entrepreneurial impulse.

, what are you willing to do,

Chinese "in the social environment, there will be time to approach to a class of people that mark the emergence of the social environment has a strong discontent and utilitarian attitude, this is my nature of this phenomenon judgment." Yao Xinyu, an Mdt InfoTech Ltd at CEO, declined to make an interview. In fact, he now refuses all media interviews because he does not want to be labeled as "90". "Including me, there are several people in the" Forbes "annual Top 30 entrepreneurs under 30 years old in the list, but this title out, really have the ability to elders and peers do not doubt your ability or derision, thank you. Entrepreneurship and entertainment are different, is the shopping mall is the battlefield, "high-profile exposure," this skill does not have positive value."


70 after the champion of the situation was gradually digested by Chen Europe as the representative of 80 and 90 to start climbing, menacing is confusing, Zhang Tianyi thinking of using the Internet to sell a Rice noodles, Guo column face adorable to occupy the circle of friends avatar, overbearing president "better than the year civilization to give employees one hundred million.

92 year old entrepreneur Yin Sang said, "when I was in kindergarten, there are PC machines can play games, primary school when the" net ", began playing online games, and then hand travel. Our generation has not experienced the age of material deprivation, we have more choices, and we want to do something more "cool". Now, Yin sang is an Internet start-up company "sing together" founder and CEO.

, as a 24 year old CEO, I feel hopeless. I don’t know what to do next, or even begin to doubt our intentions. At that time, I received a phone call, is the two closest to the news of my illness, the phone said softly, I want to go home as soon as possible. At that moment, the whole world collapsed, time and air condensed, leaving only the buzzing sound of the ear. I dashed to the west railway station to rush the nearest train, but found myself unable to pay even 515 tickets. Never so homesick, never so afraid to go home. My hair fell off one by one until it fell off. It was a big chunk.

– IT times Sun Yan Zhang Cheng Li Dong

I really want to give up at that time. Why do you want to start a business? Why do you want to go through these? Why must we fight with fate? Why don’t you go back to the office building in Zhongguancun and have an ordinary white-collar life?

fifteen months ago, I experienced the first major challenge in my life, and for the first time I realized the helplessness of falling into the abyss. At that time, we were still a technology company, just three months ago, the company’s account has bottomed out. We can not afford to pay the rent next month, or even next week’s meal has become a great distress.

I don’t think I can give up. Because I have the future of my team brothers, because I want my family to live a better life, because I want to set an example for my brother. >

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