Blue ocean against hooligansSP Wangzhuan latest tutorial and a SP page program Wangzhuan temptation

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2, can we shuffle the market through anti rogue software?

Qihoo first discovered and provoked the ocean in battle. But in the development scale, technical ability, market channels, the company brand, etc., may not have much advantage. Moreover, the Qihoo’s own concept or a search engine company, can put the resources and energy in the anti malware software market has to be seen.

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1. The basic requirement:

Although the blue ocean strategy, this book popular for more than a year. Blue ocean strategy calls the highly competitive traditional market the red sea. The author believes that the fight for the development of competitive advantage and market share too hard to win tomorrow, companies can not rely on the opponent and close combat, but to create a "blue ocean", which contains a huge market demand for new space, then embarked on the path of growth.

1, a foreign space, it is best to buy their own, do not figure what, on the map of a stable, because we have temptation to stand on the temptation of video, there is the flow at the same time, the entire server burden is relatively large. Plus a.Cn or domain name.

1, the Qihoo can pass 360Safe into this blue ocean?

2, temptation station set, not my friends to provide download, make the whole day, the integration of some fine SP temptation station page a lot, there are several races, download friends please seriously modify the code inside, or else the money into my pocket, this remember! SP temptation page download address: zaicc/mm/mm.htm

, anti malware problems are becoming more and more socialized, with Qihoo 360safe free promotion mode on anti malware + antivirus software and touch this emerging market, we find that the veteran anti-virus software manufacturers began to force. Rising, Jiang Min, Jinshan recently began a series of R & D and marketing action, the focus is the current hot "anti rogue" concept.

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan,

in fact, there is a very important privacy related to government protection and industrial monopoly. In this matter is not anti virus technology, ideas can play, Liu Xu’s lesson can’t be learned later.

anti-virus vendors engaged in the market, can be called the Red Sea, foreign products do not say first, in terms of domestic, rising, Jiang Min, Jinshan in this market has occupied a territory for the Chinese people. But the competition in this market is also very fierce, moreover, at any time may face the binding competition of Microsoft.

3, find a better alliance, which is related to your income level, so it’s very important. Now SP SMS alliance name does not deduct the amount deducted, a penalty of 100 banner, ask what not buckle??? But more or less, does not deduct the amount is alliance nonsense. There is also a need to pay attention to, some union marked price 7 yuan, or even higher, this kind of alliance is best not to do, in fact, you think with the mind knows that such a high price, that is what he earned? From the registered amount inside you to buckle, the higher cost of the alliance, the more button and why? Because the alliance is actually take Commission, he gave you such a high price, will buckle you the amount of make up, do not think that everyone else is a fool, do not make money if he drink the northwest wind. I am doing is Haicheng SMS advertising, it is not what is the old alliance, the website is from October to now, made nearly half a year, the uplink is also good, and my family, so AD helped him out, because every day I have here in his salary every day, more than 200 yuan US _ U! O O haha. Here I do not take his uplink and other home of the contrast, in the end how to test their own personal, is the hard truth. Of course, if you have any good alliance, you can also recommend, so that more profitable for everyone, after all, to find a good union is not easy. Flow exchange chain alliance, online more, there is a problem, sh419 can find, 779. grassroots. 7C, you can all apply for an account, the latter tutorial will be used.

however, as far as user requirements are concerned, in fact, in the past two years, the demand for anti-virus has not been very large, and the majority of computer and Internet users are most troubled by the problem of rogue software. However, there are still a lot of uncertain academic issues about the definition of "rogue software". At the same time, anti-virus software vendors day also are OK, they are almost the sole representative of the domestic software vendors to make money so we can see that most anti-virus software vendors to anti hooligan this matter, are not very enthusiastic, willing to take a wait-and-see attitude.

what happens next will be more interesting.

first thing do not please do not laugh at ah, people do SP have more than three years, basically from the beginning of the profits of thousands of yuan / day to the current downturn a day income of more than 200 yuan, also saw a downturn in the SP industry. It’s a pity to see SP’s decline. Recently always want to write something, but too lazy to write, and today’s mood is not bad, write down your own experience. Of course, the tutorial is dead, people are alive, I also sum up personal experience, to share with you.

recently, some changes in the anti rogue software market have made us seem to have seen an example from the Red Sea to the blue ocean.

in the battle of this emerging market, will any company be able to come to the fore with its product R & D capability and reshuffle?. On this issue, besides paying attention to current competitors, Microsoft’s strategy is also worthy of attention. In Microsoft’s product strategy, enter this market, in addition to bundled with the operating system

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