Domestic call union brief introductionDo Wangzhuan money may change a way of thinking will be more

      compare the three alliances:

      now in the industry to do is relatively large koocall web, green, Nexis longtuo, ant interaction and the Guangzhou dream fly, the alliance with koocall, longtuo and ant interaction.

      call advertising pay per call advertising, referred to as: call advertising, as the name suggests, is in the advertisement service, if and only if advertisers buy party received calls, advertising began charging, an advertising model by advertisers per unit of time to call on the advertising service provider to pay advertising the cost of. Its essence is the highly integration of advertising services and communication services, to achieve a high level of communication and create an ideal state of value. The mode of operation is, when there is cooperation or the purchase intention of customers through the network advertising page to submit the number, or the direct use of the telephone to call a mobile phone advertising transfer number, to be connected to the advertiser’s phone or mobile phone, direct communication and negotiation.


in addition, do Wangzhuan remember don’t die because it is not a cliche, people make the world of the times, to do anything about the partnership cooperation, should pay attention to the strength of the team, to become bigger and stronger and external expansion, there must be many people to do with division processing. Although you can operate a project alone, but after all, a person’s energy is limited, it is impossible to do all the work to the most perfect, so the overall development is limited.

      now, there are more articles about online payment business, and I’m also in the industry. Maybe I said the following things are helpful to my brothers.

      the same point:
      1. payment cycle is almost a month.
      2., the requirements of the site is not high, probably in about 800 thousand of the site can register.
      3. are very fond of industry class websites.
      4.; the data return cycle is 24 hours.

      2. valuation is divided into: koocall alliance mining >

Wangzhuan, Unlimited Business Opportunities, is a kind of most people living in the modern society, a very popular industry in Internet era.


Wangzhuan difficult? Difficult, it is not difficult, the key is Wangzhuan process,. Hold on, what about Wangzhuan, you can hold on, it is fundamental to make money on the internet. However, sometimes it is not the Wangzhuan to success, find the right direction, find the right direction to make your Wangzhuan road go a lot less bumpy road. Therefore, do Wangzhuan, first select the right direction after focusing on the

in the Internet age, search engines are the best teachers, web blind is not terrible, terrible answer in front of you, you have an empty ambition, and even the next click of the mouse’s strength is not willing to make. You know, Wangzhuan don’t need to be reckless, not you dare to charge into the enemy ranks on the line. Wangzhuan is more like a art, learn to elaborate layout, innovation, and the courage to look to consider long-term interests rather than driven by the temptation in front of. So, do Wangzhuan to know how to think, learn to analyze



so, the shellfish network would like to remind you, whether do Wangzhuan or do other business, before you need to go look at the industry operation mode, sustainable development and depth analysis of the industry, think about whether they have the ability to travel in this industry. Can you keep up with the changing and the reform of the industry to do self adjustment.

many people are beginning to do Wangzhuan a curious attitude to try, then this mysterious industry will become more and more many. However, we are only concerned with the surface phenomenon of Wangzhuan industry, there are few people to pursue the essence of wangzhuan. For example, many people see Taobao off on the billboard are daily income of over a million guest, then head of the resignation of devoting themselves to follow the tao. How many people have thought that behind the billboard these glamorous figure how many people have to pay to beat and in the number of day and night in mechanical click, or SEO master using practical experience for many years to reach this level.

      1. forms: extension of the text is in the form of advertising, PPC advertising into existing click on the ads inside, there seems to be no separate. The advantage of this is that the station owner doesn’t have to worry about the price of a single ad, because each click is 10 fen. The koocall alliance is just beginning to run, mainly in the form of text blocks basically similar to sh419 themes and GG themes, and there’s another search box. Ants use pictures and links, and they don’t have ads for text blocks.

do Wangzhuan technology to have a mind the spirit of innovation, and have their own belief in Wangzhuan, able to look at nature through the image, to study constantly, why this project can fire, why some people can earn money, some people not to earn money, money is also the mentality or experience in a network? The local people.

 :     first, what’s the call fee:

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