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"pervert!"." Finally, he concluded. A burst of laughter.

1 searches for local home service information on the Internet and knows which sites the information is posted on.

the evening of September 15th, in Beijing Zhongguancun start a street, Liu Kenan with the other members of the entrepreneurial team, held the elephant 2 conference, launched a new brand of condoms second generation products. The theme of the conference is "a maverick elephant."".

at present, the biggest game player condom market is Durex, its market share of approximately 50% to 60%; the rest of the larger brands include Okamoto and Jissbon etc.. In the beginning, Liu Kenan made a study on the market of the dozens of condoms, believes that the biggest problem is the packaging of these products is similar, while positioning is not clear, "from teens to seventies can be used".

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through the network writer politics services promotion, every day to earn hundreds of yuan is very easy. Sometimes, the less you see, the more profits there are, because other people look down, there is no expert involved in this industry, when you enter this industry, the competition is not fierce.

for the average age of 25 years old business team, and peers to mingle, running in "the forefront of cool, is a natural psychological demands and behavior logic. Like almost all modern entrepreneurial teams, elephant condoms play a sense of identity".

is the elephant condom "chief experience officer", but he did not spend too much time to introduce a new generation of products are improved on which data, but with a lot of tongue of "abnormal" theory, namely the change of attitude and attitude, state.

face the embarrassing "sex", put it on the table of deconstruction, banter, and ultimately into the product image, is dazzling and Liu Kenan coat elephant condom, but also find resonance tool in 90 populations.

Liu Kenan’s company was founded in July 2013, when he just left from millet. As for why condoms, he gave two reasons at the conference: first, the friend’s complaint, and the two is the so-called "hatred of Japan" complex".

you know, domestic service general psoriasis through advertising or distribute advertising to promote business street, but with the city health examination is more and more strict, with the increasingly fierce competition, business is difficult to do. If we use the Internet to publish, whether the business will be better? Network is a new information platform, but most engaged in housekeeping staff are not on the Internet, which may be related to the nature of their work, many people from the countryside to the workers, no chance to contact computer.

millet as a teacher

"do what you love, even if you’re a freak. There are hundreds of other freaks in the world. Like you, I like this product."." In a brief keynote speech, Liu Kenan said.

Liu Kenan and his colleagues seize all opportunities, to show the unique 90 naturally or half unconsciously "special" warm concert in addition to now hot "little apple", there is still a hot northeast Conference; English theme of "I Believe I Can Fucking Fly", vulgar words impressively in the head; Liu Kenan repeatedly stressed, don’t want to talk about boring performance, such as noun pattern, "just for the fun of it".

so we can stretch out an idea:

and is rarely discussed openly. But Liu Kenan, founder of the 1990 born elephant condom, hopes to change that impression.

bidding for promoting domestic service

once the family sewer blocked seriously, so quickly search the Internet to dredge the sewer home service. After the search, call the past, the other party received a phone call that they are a information platform company, will let the sewer cleaner to call me back. Shortly after the phone call, on a good price is 30 yuan, 10 minutes after the plumber arrived at my house, with the tools of less than two minutes to solve the problem of the sewer. When he had finished, he went to another house at once. I asked him how much business every day, he said there are dozens of single business every day, every single 10 yuan commission to the information platform of

pan f"Sex" has always been an ambiguous topic in Chinese traditional notions of

4 to expand domestic services, including moving services, cleaning services, etc..

this method is through the advantages of search engines to obtain some customer information, and then subcontracted to domestic service personnel in order to earn commissions.


at a dinner, Liu Kenan put his idea to describe.

3 and some domestic companies talk about good cooperation, set a good introduction of each customer’s Commission ratio.

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2 releases the same information to the same information platform, so that your information rank may exceed others or divide up other people’s traffic.


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