Do not rely on search engines to talk about different website promotion model

we all know that most sites rely on search engines to survive, of course, if your SEO is very good, you can get the same huge traffic, I am not a SEO expert today we do not say how to do SEO, as the title says "do not rely on search engines, on the promotion of different modes of network station".

, a web site promotion, almost all of the site are not on the survival of search engine, the method of Web site promotion is the most effective means to rely on rogue rogue software, bundled plugin tamper homepage, can make access to a huge amount of a station within a few days, of course, this requires a lot of the investment, investment returns more more, some now rely on rogue web site started already known, such as 99912345 V2233, many stations and, in Mou Changqing’s TOP44 web site ranking in the second and third echelon take a stand are likely to have a rogue promotion history, but also have to rely on word of mouth promotion the station, for example, there is a way to promote the station is included links, do more like advertising, although there will be very good in traffic, But the user experience is not very good. Chinese Internet market is huge, more and more people begin to develop web site to how so many web site can not simply rely on talent shows itself in the promotion of rogue, you need to stand on their innovation, good user experience is a priority.

two is about sexual health website promotion, I think there are so few methods is good, 1, is commonly used by soft Wen promotion, mail promotion, QQ group or 2 is to do SEO can bring good traffic 3, here I focus on that web site promotion on a. I have seen big brother mouchangqing blog said 39 Health Network web station to bring huge traffic, indeed, a day of 10W IP traffic web site if you stand included in the home position, it is helpful for the promotion of sexual health network do, generally can get about 1000 IP


recommends that health website owners can find some web site included, well than rely on search engine traffic to a large number of small, I started a few days of sexual network, relying on several friends site to get a good flow, thanks to websites such as help, basically every station every day will give me the agency about 1000 IP.

The promotion of

three, SNS website, promotion, famous model is happy net viral promotion, rely on spam, let happy net a few months was a great registered users, while Sina QQ chat room can not be ignored.

The promotion of

four, industry website, has its particularity is very strong, if you don’t rely on search engines, the most effective way is to rely on the same Links, an industry website traffic is not very high, but each IP will be very precious, all the visitors may be the site of products.

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