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from 2000 after the Internet bubble, with more and more news of the wind crazy enter and some sites get huge investment, hoping to get rich website or realize their dreams become more and more important in recent years plus one yuan of registered CN domain name makes no matter has the experience of people have become "webmaster". The stationmaster has even become a career,


1. Internet access and success.

96 years Chinese introduced the Internet, the past 12 years, some people rely on it to become the richest man China type characters, some people in order to ruin him. ". But it seems to have an irresistible charm to attract more people fought for crazy struggle. It is these 12 years that expose the Chinese people’s imitative nature. As Ma Huateng said: Chinese the Internet without the so-called innovation is basically imitating foreign Internet, success is even more so, the foreign enterprises to China almost no success is because they do not understand the Chinese psychology. Such as QQ, Xiaonei, Senda and so on. This is 12 years so that people on the Internet now that ideas emerge in an endless stream, people seem to engage in Internet projects do not have, as long as you can think of someone doing it! And as eager to realize their "dream of wealth", China has taken various measures, of course I do not rule out foreign Internet companies do not use what bad means in the start-up stage, but I’m sure that domestic Internet companies must use some can’t get in good taste way, of course I don’t blame them, this and our national quality is also inseparable from the


2. Internet development and people’s maturity.


, the Internet has become more and more mature when people’s knowledge is more and more, the Internet will become a tool for people’s life, and is on a concept can create a large Internet Co is gone! This point by the concept of origin Ma Huateng himself said that now want to on the Internet on the emergence of a $one billion company is almost impossible! So Internet startups have some is relying on the Internet and there is a certain entity, to enhance their own entity through the Internet, such as the typical successful cases: City and home articles. That is to say, the Internet type companies will eventually be transformed into service companies. Serve your own industry on your own network resources. One consensus is that it’s almost impossible to have another sina. This is also why more and more people pay attention to the industry website. And the ultimate goal of the industry website is to serve the industry where you are here,


so clearly realized that we should set up as small as possible industry website, there is a consensus that people do not have the choice of the industry website! Like Yan Jiehe say "the degree of integration of an industry is higher, this means that the profit of the industry is small. On the contrary, the greater!". Apply to the Internet

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