Website breakout example analysis how to highlight the characteristics of the site

How does

emerge from tens of thousands of Web sites? The key is how the site builder highlights the unique creativity of your site and the unique needs of the site. So: feature is the key to the survival of the site!


how to do a little red in the green, so that your site’s needs, users can accurately find you, how to do a truly unique website, these may help everyone.

1, website name should have characteristic, or righteousness is great, or vulgar spoof.


web site name is part of the site design and is a key element. The name is simple and acceptable, and if you can reflect certain content, give visitors more visual impact and space imagination, it is the top grade. For example: disillusioned microphone, podcast book, minority software, etc., in the embodiment of the theme of the site at the same time, can point out features.

best use Chinese name, don’t use English or Chinese and English mixed type name. In addition, the word number of the website name should be controlled within six words (preferably four words), and four words can also be used in idioms. Fewer words, there are advantages, suitable for other sites link publishing.

two, the theme of the website should be small and refined: the location should be small, the content should be refined.

if you want to make a cover and contain everything site, all the wonderful things you think are on top, it will often backfire, give people the feeling is no theme, no characteristics, everything, but everything is shallow, because you can’t have so much energy to maintain it. Look at some of those great websites, and we’ll see how to build websites that are new and fast when it comes to how to build a website. The theme is best for your own good or favorite content, without passion, it is difficult to design and make excellent websites.

For example, ", his microphone" is Google Fans’s influential site, in the form of recording the Google blog in the world the latest developments, and to seek a variety of Google Fans through sorting out the traces of gossip. Even Google has noticed the presence of the site, inviting the creators of the site to write a series of tips for beginners. For their favorite things is a happy time and effort, disillusionment every day to deal with more than 600 RSS news source, a large number of users reply message and email, supported him to stick to it, should be free, sharing, humane spirit of Google


three themes, not too often or aim too high.

"freely" refers to everywhere, everyone has the theme; such as software download, free information. "The target is too high" means that on this subject, there are already very good, high visibility sites, you have to go beyond it is very difficult. So don’t follow the trend blindly

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