Wang Xing’s sense of crisis if you think you can sit back and relax it’s basically dead

Abstract: in Wang Xing’s view, listed financing is still not the best choice. "I don’t think the listing can bring value to customers and merchants. The US group will continue to focus on the business, and do the business well. Everything else will come true."."

Beijing Kuntai Hotel room, just one seat, Wang Xing quipped, do beauty group in recent years he really a lot of fat, now 150 pounds.

a fat man and a few women quickly to comfort him: you are very slim, a lot of fans, men of this age is normal under the blessing.

used to be a good talker, and in the past two years, eloquence has improved a lot. He took out his two mobile phones, an apple, a HUAWEI, showing the latest standards of business people.


he will not live in their own world, but to talk with the media into a ball, asking them to change on the other views of the industry, including UAVs, taxi areas, as well as O2O, he is listening, from time to time to comment on the one or two sentence.

just a few hours ago, Wang Xing led the U. S. core executives at the headquarters to more than 100 media released the first half of 2015 transcripts. The first half of 2015, the U.S. group net turnover reached 47 billion yuan, more than last year, an increase of 190%, the annual turnover of 100 billion basic That’s final.

for the U. S. group, the choice at this time to announce the performance of half a year, and let Wang Xing accept media turns torture, there is a negative message to hedge the meaning of the outside world.

recently, the chain of funds on the U.S. group tight, and start a new round of $1 billion financing news in WeChat circle of friends spread. Once again, the U. S. group has become the focus of the O2O industry, and even on the cusp.

as an annual turnover of about 100 billion start-up companies, but also at the forefront of the O2O flame battlefield, Wang Xing and the U.S. group to bear the pressure and challenges can be imagined. BAT, 58, Jingdong look at fiercely as a tiger does, the public comment constantly moves, to fight a protracted war, and the last laugh, you need to draw the line and respond to any one of the key moment of the rhythm.

"there are all sorts of news about America on the Internet. Most of them are unreliable." Wang Xing said that this time out is to establish a more smooth communication with the outside world.

"financing $1 billion hasn’t happened yet,"

this round of mobile Internet burn war, O2O enterprise is the protagonist. Burn more than the travel industry, the United States, groups, public comments and other companies focused on beer and skittles, but also on top of the burn list.

that may be the reason why the interest of the US team has never been reduced. "There are people on the Internet who say that the United States Group has fused $1 billion, which is unconfirmed news, and it has not happened yet." Wang Xing

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