Because it is grassroots wish to commemorate my youth on the nternet

open the music, listen to chopsticks brother’s "old boy", quiet write this diary, I want to commemorate my youth on the internet.

for the first time on the Internet thinking is in 05 years of the new year, when I was in high school, because my English is very poor (in the 07 year college entrance examination in English I fell asleep), the family has been worried that the language was pulling my leg, so I bought a learning machine, the most popular is the MP3 for that time, there is a machine learning often want to go to the next song, especially at the time of the Baidu MP3 search. Specially for ten years before Zhang Baidu homepage image (below)


used to go to Baidu songs, but Baidu has a lot of song links are invalid, I was thinking

if I put all these songs together and say how to download them, is there a lot of people looking for me,


I don’t have a complete idea of the site at this point, so it’s just an idea. This year, I was 15 years old.

07 years, 17 years old, I entered the University, began to contact online games, still remember the first time all night, the excitement of the first and all night after the fatigue. At that time, crazy infatuated with online games, because the attention of the game, often go to the major forums to learn from the game strategy, when I was thinking

if I put this game experience sorted out, it is not it will attract a lot of people, so that I can put many people together, with the


at the time of this idea is very profound, it is just an accident, my account is stolen, it really hit me, was stolen this number though not very cow X, but I spent too much effort. So the idea died. Later, every day idle, nothing to shake, when the end of the world, mop, stick what, every day irrigation, fooling around. In this way, in "no flowering season, rainy season, only playing BOSS, irrigation" in the years, bid farewell to my 17 years old.

08 years, our department with vigour and vitality of the Olympic Games, is honored to have been drawn to the torch lighting ceremony to watch the scene right that my image is very deep, Bayi Square in Peng Bo took the torch from me after that, in the scene of huge crowds of people, I am honored to only 1 meters away from the eyes of visual the whole process. So many people, this picture, I still cannot forget. This city, I once thought is a hero city without heroes, and this moment in my mind the image is very tall. Perhaps the young I anxious to share this shock in my mind to the people around, after I wrote a long review, then the article was reprinted major sites, while landing the river network, and the most important is, this time I know to treasure net. Then I found that the irrigation community had a very deep Bureau

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