A non DC webmaster talk about DC what kind of circle are you

IDC believes that the owners are not unfamiliar, Wikipedia explanation is: Internet Data Center (Internet Data Center) IDC, the telecommunications sector is the use of existing Internet communication line bandwidth resources, telecommunications professional class room environment standard, for the enterprise, the government server hosting, leased and related value-added aspects of the full range of services.

I’m not IDC, but for two years I was exposed to numerous IDC, especially in the left behind. Do IDC say they are not making money, call their tired, but still do, why? As everybody shouted work tired but why almost everyone in the work of.

I take you into this circle, do IDC if individuals are generally unable to do for a long time, there are long and big. Do IDC in selling space to you before are very enthusiastic. There are no big interest in what you this small customers. And when you the site can not open, you ask your IDC service, or when asked to the group, often are not the response you want. This time you will believe that this IDC service is very good. Have opinions, temper, and even anger.

when the second half of last year a IDC sent me a QQ screenshot I changed my view. The display group in the dance chart, QQ was almost on the verge of collapse. In turn thought, in fact most afraid of dead space or IDC. because he is selling services, he is most reluctant to don’t say he service problem. I’m not here to excuse the IDC, for example air profiteers too much… A liar and I think the space junk, met.IDC and no chance to complain, because you are doing this, you are selling services, I gave money.

to IDC had a current account balance, in this case, unless sold to the company, or had problems. Most personal webmaster is not the grassroots, grassroots basically have their own server. That is to say, IDC is equal to the face is the grassroots service.


had spent so long dealing with, I summed up the following points:

A: buy space 85% IDC are very enthusiastic to guide you, carefully and answer your questions. There are several very clearly, one is very warm. There is a beginning enthusiasm. Of course not exclude individual IDC or just IDC, the heart is very naive, passionate another. Part of the basic reason for passion: do not love small customers, not worthy of him to fight, have begun to bother this line, busy not win, don’t want to do the.


two: when to respond in a timely manner and patiently answer space when there is a problem is very few, because a single host problem is less, the general size of some basic IDC is a room or a problem, because some of the host illegal and leads to a single host. Oh, yes, certainly a lot of other single issues >

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