Some personal experiences are summarized to prevent websites from being demoted

many owners in order to improve the website ranking, often add some irrelevant or long tail keywords, in order to deceive the search engine to obtain short-term traction flow, the flow is good, but in order to site long don’t do it, you want to know the current search is mostly by manual management, do good can not escape the eyes of these people, don’t despise search. How to prevent websites from being dropped by Baidu and Google

my home station, Honker was in Baidu with high authority. But recently, when searching again. I found out that SITE’s homepage is not on the first page, and I have also published an article. If you solve the Baidu SITE home page is not in the first page of the problem. It has been recognized. Some people don’t accept my point of view. Let’s not say, SITE home page is not on the first page of the problem. Today I talk about my humble opinion. Let’s say it briefly. How to prevent Baidu, GOOGLE drop the right question?.

is one of the website ranking website weight foundation, not with a higher weight, to get traffic easier said than done. No flow, talk about what business?. Share some of your experiences below,

, a web site was linked to horse

program site due to loopholes or server security settings properly, resulting in a number has not been linked to horse, you will soon find from Google to flow down very much, until the 0. Baidu took similar action right down, but the time was not so obvious.

slowly, the flow gradually decreased. Therefore, we must do a good job in safety.

Reliability of

two and IDC

servers are equivalent to the infrastructure in the national economy, and stability and reliability are the basic requirements. Do not covet is cheap, find some bad IDC, they a server hanging above 500 or 600 sites are common, increase the risk of IP, at the same time because we used different procedures, so Ann

all aspects of the risk is worthy of concern, because as long as hackers from a web site to successfully mention the right, then this server is very dangerous. And then there is some IDC in order to pull business, increase revenue, at any time accept the guest service, rivers and lakes and other sites, these sites are extremely profiteering, and also

is vulnerable to DDOS sites, they are vulnerable to a large number of traffic attacks, resulting in paralysis of the entire computer room.

just mentioned the service, technology and price factors of IDC. Here’s what IDC hateful of the other side, some IDC or IDC employees, and reselling them for their customer programs and data, your site, if copied, not surprisingly, many of these junk IDC, they rely on this to make money. You see how the industry deals with online trading and data trading, and you know how developed the industry is.

three, repeatedly modify and delete

many managers or editors of websites are >

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