Single strong three line and below city local webmaster Network Entrepreneurship thinking

the Internet industry as people began to contact the Internet from the high school, is also witnessed the rapid development of the Internet, Chinese more than 10 years from scratch, from small to large, had a deep affection on the Internet, of course, work inevitably want to engage in a website, as a business person, also can the Internet industry as the preferred industry to start their own business. But it is not a joke, we must deeply analyze the reality, after more than 10 years of development, now the Internet industry in Chinese that is no longer the myth flourishes, now the Internet industry giant buildings, has entered a winner of the competition. Therefore, the Internet is no longer the road to entrepreneurship is no longer flat.

as a personal webmaster should first clear understanding of the business, is currently the China Internet environment is still not mature enough, although China already has more than four hundred million Internet users, but the Internet is still Chinese entertainment first, Internet structure is not reasonable, users accustomed to free, so doomed website profit is not easy. The Internet and China after more than 10 years of development, has created a number of Internet giant, so even if the individual owners can rely on their own vision and wisdom that the Internet blue ocean, if not the core competitiveness is to occupy the dominant position in a short period of time or timely access to venture capital, so this idea or mode will no longer belong to you. Imitative Chinese Internet giant will let you have a place to live in.

so people want to survive, must follow the principle that a do fine, do their own areas of expertise, do they have the resources of the industry, to do their own area, this is where the direction is many webmaster. However, local stations also need to make a correct analysis and judgment of the local market and the extent of Internet development.

currently a second tier city Internet development environment is relatively mature, relatively more users, the perception of the network is high, but more local owners are in the three or four lines of the city in the Internet, the Internet is lagging behind the development of the city, many people and enterprises awareness of the network is not high, resulting in the the site to carry out the business and profits are relatively difficult, which is why China currently more than half of the individual owners have no income.

individual owners are generally not strong funds support their own websites exist for a long time without the money, so the site can not expect after users and traffic big rely on advertising to make money, this mode is not too realistic, before and now advertising revenue than, so people must consider the profits of the website early, which is your model should be in a few users and traffic can also be profitable, this requires our website can bring tangible benefits to the user, so that they can pay, can make our website have income in the early.

in addition, the development of the Internet industry and traditional industries are inseparable, so as a webmaster must

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