Mou Changqing summary analysis of the latest navigation station TOP44

because now most of the site navigation station promotion means are very rogue, so site navigation station traffic fluctuation is also particularly big. A new navigation station may reach dozens of WIP in 1 months, and a navigation station of tens of meters may be in a month without much traffic left.


last October wrote "TOP40 site navigation station recommend sharing" article, was in accordance with the ALEXA ranking, and many of the navigation station is a long time ago, collect, may flow is not particularly large. So this time, I have summarized it through various channels. In the previous rankings, the navigation station removed about 10, and added 20 advantages to the navigation station. This time no longer in accordance with the ALEXA sort, but according to their own feedback from all aspects of the actual traffic navigation station of these 4 grades of sorting.

site navigation TOP44, as shown in figure



the first 3 grades of website traffic forecast, I am more sure, most of them through some website antecedents, have learned the real data. At the end of the fourth grades of Web site, or I know the actual traffic size, or just to see the surface of ALEXA ranking is good, but I don’t know the specific flow effect, all summed up to the fourth file.

added nearly 20 navigation stations this time, and I solemnly introduced the only new 360 navigation in the second gear. 360, navigation can be said to be a meteoric rise, suddenly rushed to the site navigation of the second group. Why 360 navigation traffic will be so big, according to reliable channels to understand. 360 navigation user base, mainly from the 360 browser binding recommendation. Now, 360 guards in the main push 360 browser, legend 360 browser installed capacity per day, there are 30W. Driven by the 360 browser, the use of 360 navigation more and more people, the legend now 360 navigation, adding 5-10WIP every day.

in addition to focus on the next,, how much traffic, I do not know, the second group navigation station specific how much traffic, I do not know. But by understanding the amount of traffic that some sites get in these navigation, traffic is basically 20 times the size of the second single navigation station. Is a very amazing data, if it is not personally analyzed, I will not believe, and the rest of the navigation station and gap is so big. So, if there is a website in the navigation station advertising, must first choice, the cost is definitely the highest. Although the ad price of is high, but how can not also, the price of the second Legion is 20 times. But if the site isn’t particularly good, money doesn’t have to be

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