Mo from the point of view of A5 how can the enterprise website develop rapidly

enterprise website has become more and more popular, major companies have competed in the network security from their own nest, along with the rapid development of information technology era, the rapid increase in economy, enterprise website is getting more and more attention, but a different enterprise website and other aspects of the site, it is difficult to promote lead, search volume is very small, I learned in the past few days to understand, in fact there is a local enterprise website is often ignored, so writing this article to share that would like to see, so how to use the A5 platform to give you the website a fresh cup of tea, for the development of it, the Mo Xiang Mega to share.

first point: high-quality soft Wen contribution, so that the enterprise website has high quality, the chain and brand effect

Visits to

Adsense nets every day do not say too much, mainly under the submission of the topic, then we as a webmaster or person in charge of a website, so for the chain and brand should be fairly well understood, marketing has embarked on the track, so that in stationmaster net platform, reprint volume can not be overlooked, the author of the article: "Mo Xiang Mega on the superiority of" SEO diagnosis optimization services in the home has been hanging for 4 days, think in this platform, the daily traffic is to know, high quality soft Wen is the webmaster survival trick, with respect to the enterprise in particular, these enterprises closely linked with Internet, in this platform to contribute high-quality soft, the effect is very good, if not as enterprise marketing, the network can find Among the soft writing master, so that you do not make good use of, the author yesterday observed the stationmaster net member submission by the number of the investigation, in addition to sharing or writing while others stick with a few monthly and total ranking authors also, many members have already not submitted, the exception, before the fall the monthly rankings, now hot pursuit, is like now for everyone to share their ideas and share their knowledge.

second points: make full use of existing resources on the network for the enterprise website enrich the heart to provide protection

The proportion of services and case problems have repeatedly referred to the

in the previous article, perhaps not for the soft writing case, many websites are not absorbed into the idea of today continue to repeat this Mo Xiang Mega problem, each enterprise websites are set to have a column like this. Is the case of appreciation, or related to the introduction and help, according to the current access to the corporate Web sites have a common problem, it is the part of the content is too small, do not make good use of this advantage to create more opportunities for being included in the search engine company, we can have the number of columns of their own web sites the enterprise wants to, a dynamic company, the more chance of being included, this is the case, don’t think much help, because that is what Where the site is updated, there is a lot of experience sharing on top of A5, already news dynamics, if you act as one

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