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tonight, home broken network, can not open web pages, simply open WORD write something to share with you, I do webmaster 3 years of some failed mentality course. Not a successful webmaster, because those months and earn tens of thousands of Daniel compared to me three years old webmaster, the monthly income of 10 thousand dollars, is insufficient for the road, say it all feel ashamed, ashamed is ashamed of it, or take me three years to do stupid idea to take it hopes to make friends willing to do the station walk less detours.

. Behind the overnight fame is actually a long, persistent struggle,

saw an article in Chinz a few days ago and said very well, simply share the contents:

"The Shawshank Redemption" after the release of the beginning people greatly disappointed at the box office record, but later by cable television fame, that almost everyone I know that this is one of the top movies of all time. I say is "The Shawshank Redemption". This is a movie for two days and provide much material for thought, in a chat with a friend, I realized that this film includes lessons of how important it is for a business people.

teaches 1- the discontinuity of success (why overnight fame stems from real long-term struggle)

overnight fame is not really famous overnight. It’s only a surface phenomenon. I’m on the introduction of Elton and John "in 30 minutes or less time to earn millions of Posts" incidentally mentioned some relevant views. In "The Shawshank Redemption", in order to escape Andy Dufresne spent 19 years digging tunnels. There are only two: or continue to jail, or escape successfully. He continued to improve in 19 years, but he still stayed in prison. Then one day he was free. Seemingly successful, but otherwise.

The same is true of

entrepreneurs. They struggled for years and still failed to achieve the expected success, and when they were really successful, success was usually discontinuous. You work hard every day and don’t know when you can get it back, but you’ll be satisfied with it. Then one day you are acquired, or listed, or you do not have to personally every day. Suddenly, everything changed.

and Andy are similar to many people like this, tried to escape from Shawshank prison (own):

1. made a small stone hammer and began to dig holes.

2. realizes that this is going to be a protracted war.

3. give up or just give up.

4. to pull the wind’s hammer, then lose the jailbreak confidence, because you have to take care of with the guards began.

5. makes a comeback, every time you get closer and closer to you, but always stops halfway a few weeks, because it’s too difficult and slow.


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