Winter 2009 guerrilla warfare of a grassroots webmaster

I am a party of the civil service, the hobby is building a web site, because there are a static website of the government, so we feel there should be an interactive exchange platform, the use of spare time, beginning in 2005 the construction of website. Initially hung on the unit. But because of the forum, and a post in the forum was named provincial Public Security Bureau police; recall now quite funny: at that time the city police and the forum, said a post illegal like, to trace the poster. I immediately said that this post must be reproduced, do not believe it on the search try. The results of Baidu and Google are easily search, this post, the content of the police was a little embarrassed as like as two peas! At that time, with said: who told you this website hang below the unit name, the hanging units have a certain authority! Finally no longer trace, bitterly. Since then, I’ve just scratched my own line,


says the introduction is because it’s not easy to do one thing in china. 5 years of my personal obligation to build websites, promote local culture, promote local exchanges, publicity for his pocket, exhausted, not only for business, and pay the money. The only thing to be gratified about is that I gained the affirmation and set up a platform for the exchange of the common people. The site has launched a solidarity with the Wenchuan earthquake relief poetry readings, poor students in poor areas and areas like donations, donations of clothing and other activities. These have been reported by the city media.

, but after all, it’s a personal website. Into 2009, the development of the more difficult. At the beginning of this year’s inspection, I was forced to move to the United States orange Internet at the 92 sharing site, but this orange Internet VPS is a telecommunications line and can not be relocated again. The following is the relocation process:

1 and 2009 began sharing in 92. At the beginning of 2009, the original 92 flat-share, I was too much illegal information website, proposed to replace the space (mainly my carelessness, message spam blog is more than


2, 92 Sharing — orange internet. Thus, a long gas from Shanghai orange Internet application for a VPS, but because it is telecommunications lines, Netcom access speed is too slow, users too much opinion, less than a month, users raise funds, change again space;

3, the reputation of Internet —- huge profit network (primitive people). At first the primitive man’s double line speed was good, but less and less. After that, everyone knows.

4, primitive man —- Shanghai temporary space. Before the collapse of primitive people, the data were temporarily transferred to the so-called "double line" space in Shanghai, but there were too many websites in this space. It was not what I wanted to share. However, because web is too large, it has not been transferred. Lead to slow access to telecommunication lines.

5, Shanghai temporary – giant Zhejiang double line. In December 1st, the Shanghai network has not yet been restored. So emergency contact giant, opened in Zhejiang two lines of space. It took more than half a month to pass the data over

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