UFO sky to tell you what let us look up to the sky

in ancient times, the ancestors were awed by the stars. Those not that remote, light small things, how could not associated with fate? When we the future is full of curiosity and fear, in addition to the head of the star, if you can help it be better? The names for every one of them not to mind taking the trouble to see with the naked eye stars, these names the star itself is full of hints, covering the earth at the same time, the stars covered the crowd. Let the sky UFO (http://s.www.7ufo.cn) website with you to understand that a mysterious sky.

if you want to find the common points between the east of the Purple Star astrology and Western astrology, from twenty-eight stars to the twelve house, both of which are the stars pattern. After the connection point and line, originally messy with the order, and can be explained pictographic. The sky is the original artistic imagination of the performance of the platform, the concept of people, perhaps can be understood as a psychological comfort.

astronomy sounds much more serious than astrology. It’s a science that studies planets, stars, and galaxies in the universe. The star’s age, their distance from the earth, is the conclusion of astronomy to every rhythm.

we are concerned with the origin and formation of the universe, concerned with the interaction and movement of time and space, concerned with the birth and destruction of stars, and are concerned with space exploration and extraterrestrial life. We are concerned with the pulsar’s ray trajectory, concerned with the collapse process of neutron stars, concerned about stellar brightness and redshift, and more concerned with the possible state of the big bang that occurred 15 billion 700 million years ago. We look at this piece of sky tenderness eagerly, guess everything about it, and tried to cast the practice.

undeniably, in the process of exploration, science and technology are progressing and implemented in daily life. But seriously, the progress of science and technology is an incidental result, not the original goal of astronomical research. The astronomical problems themselves are all outside life. What is the role of the universe in the absence of spiritual needs? Or what is the point,


who has lived and is still alive can not know the answer to all the mysteries of astronomy; the future man, perhaps, will not be able to exhaust all the mysteries of the universe until the extinction of mankind. But this sad fact does not prevent man from continuing to explore the universe. And what is it that supports generations of people and looks into the sky that seems to be of little use?

, the first person to look up at the stars and think, must have no scientific knowledge. He has only curiosity. The motive force of astronomy is curiosity. This leisure curiosity prompted many people to that piece of life sparkling and leave no stone unturned. Even a million households, the pioneer of this kind, at the expense of life, to pursue those seemingly available so that the light and shadow, but a mirage and insubstantial objects.

when the eye’s sphere of influence has been unable to meet the curiosity, can zoom is used for viewing prism and spawned.

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