She has achieved my dream a post 80 website of Ali League bit grateful

see Ali League essay, I’m overjoyed, excited. Finally, you can put yourself, a small, just starting site in the Ali League bit by bit, fine way. My mind clearly shows the first harvest that Ali has brought to me. It is the most precious joy, and can never be repeated. It can not be replaced. And Ali alliance grew up with a small story, once the entrepreneurial hope, expectations, and passion repeat, near at hand……

has been Ali Union for me the biggest sentiment is: personal money! The website grew! Cooperation success!


I am a newly graduated college student. I use my spare time to combine my major and hobbies, so I have this ". After 80 fans net ". The site has just started, although not much money earned, but a lot of feelings. A lot of the first time after all, together with ALI alliance experience, received the first advertisement, the first search engine in web applications on their own, the first time in your own website for others unriddling, saw his first forum that the excitement of joy be in full swing, the excitement, can let a person have the spirit of it, in those days, every day happy to sleep, always want to share the harvest and more glory. Ali alliance achieved my university’s first dream – when a good webmaster, I firmly believe that in the days to come, I will achieve more ideals.

is the Ali alliance gave me the motivation and opportunity to succeed, let me once again to my original choice lucky.

originally, I was a lot of comparison and thinking before deciding to join the Ali alliance. YAHOO Internet boss, YAHOO ranked first in the world, YAHOO search is really good! Although Ali alliance was founded in August 8, 2006, but his predecessor is the first senior Web Alliance – 3721 alliance, later renamed YAHOO alliance. Today, Ali alliance has 6 years of experienced marketing team, and in the marketing operation mode of continuous innovation, and gradually launched a rich marketing model. There is a "free" to join the alliance is very suitable for such as I just started the website users, of course to have long engaged in website industry by providing more platforms to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Ali alliance relies on the brand advantages of Alibaba group, has a number of powerful promotional providers, including major Internet brands: Alibaba, YAHOO, Taobao. And because all are independent products, the webmaster does not have to worry about the sudden termination of a product’s advertising period. Ali alliance has an independent professional and technical team, as well as convenient and efficient performance query system to facilitate members of their own performance at any time and place. Ali alliance with a stable system platform, safe and reliable payment of credibility, has established a good reputation in the industry.

joined the Ali alliance, we do not have to contact their own enterprises, which saves us a lot of energy, and through the Ali alliance rich production

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