Talking about how to better support station

to Bo Yang station is an old topic, but there is still a lot of new friends or traditionally, is in the open a lot of blog hosting blogs every day, send a lot of junk articles with keywords with web links. This method, too easy to get into trouble.

want to Bo station, vision to far away, can’t for a while outside the chain and crazy on the blog garbage. Want to have a good site rankings, in addition to internal optimization, is the quality of the chain. Because managed blog has a high weight high PR, so the chain is relatively simple, but if a new blog is filled with a lot of rubbish and frequent pointing in the same site would The loss outweighs the gain.

Chaozhou SEO, a long line, each blog article can be reproduced, seriously, but don’t take the chain, has been updated, slowly the weight of these blogs will follow, this time began to put some key points to our website. At this time, you can think of these hosting blog is an independent, relatively high weight of the site, pointing to the main station, it means that there are N websites one-way link you, these chains even better quality.

maintenance when these blogs also note that the keywords are best not to our station, due to the high weight blog hosting born, so easily in a keyword ranking than our master. I’ve tried my Sina blog before, and I’m even better than my former Taobao guest.

trouble you can blog group software next, add into account can send articles in N different hosting blogs, to think the time is ripe to start the chain with.

have a little to do, after our blog search engine operation is also very difficult to find, this time we are going to the front page of a blog recommendation article leave some words, search engine can go into your blog through these popular articles, a chain of words, will go into your touch melon vine the master station. (don’t know this word by fiddling right!) are in the Sina spider every hour and moment climb above, when the message to all, don’t worry about bad time to grasp.

to Bo station is to establish high-quality external chain of a means, the more delicate operation, the longer the persistence, the higher the quality.

PS: on some well-known independent blogs, it’s meaningless to see someone leave a link. Some independent blogs will add nofollow tags to comments, and some will be set as link jumps. Occasionally there are some, like Chaozhou SEO blogs, but this quality is too low to make sense. Before, some bloggers said that someone left a link and left without saying anything. Friends who do this don’t have to waste this time. We’re blogging for communication. Every day I will spend a certain time to each blogger, to see if there is no update, there is a comment on it, if not, then to the message that visit.


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