Non industry people need to pay attention to do a few issues

now do station station operation site threshold is getting lower and lower, more and more people, especially the non industry individual people also joined the group, but a lot of people, is to spend money, spend time, nor what harvest, I all lumpy in, take a lot of detours. So the original meaning of the article was raised.

how do non industry personnel stand?

make a note before the text. Non industry, I mean non computer industry, or not engaged in the computer industry.

‘s first problem with standing: you need to know something about the basic stuff of the site.

, such as HTML, DIV+CSS, ASP, PHP. JSP. These basic concepts. Of these, HTML and CSS are bound to be a little bit more important because you want to use the CMS on the current market. Only in this way, you can edit and use CMS templates, and modified to your needs, such as scripting language, you try to understand, believe will do stand for you, to help.

said that although there are a lot of people do not understand about these are great, but does not prevent him from doing the station, I know a friend, now he is a man in running a site, from a technical point of view, he is not enough to support the website he runs the technical support, but does not prevent him from running one such station. As for the name of the site, I will not say. But when I want to tell you, he is very depressed now. The reason is very simple. What he wants to achieve is nothing he can do.

of course, bigger, can be smashed with money. The key is to make it big before this day is absolutely painful,

!The second problems of

station: the topic and location of the site.

this article only describes the individual doing the station, not the kind of human flesh operations, are individuals for the object. So choose what kind of theme, choose what kind of thing, the most suitable for the cut, and can be busy to get over the station. I’ve tried many sites before myself. What, SNS, portal, etc.. But finding a person really tired, and you are not busy at all. Web site code, templates, functions, but also to promote. So. Come and go, I withdraw everything, only determined to engage in a small station, a very easy to maintain the small station. One day, send 10, and edit the title, of course, the program is someone else. This is my present station, to tell you the truth, my workload is much less. Both GG and Baidu have mine.

The selection and positioning of

websites determine the difficulty of your promotion. Therefore, it is important to grasp the point of being a personal station.

stands for third questions: promotion and adherence.

promotion is the most tiring. I wonder if you have this feeling. You add QQ group, spam!

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