The website also crazy to become less beautiful pretty and intelligent

believes that many webmaster are doing such a dream, dream of their website has been a lot of people praise, known as the beauty of the site. Indeed, today’s website allows visitors to remember how innumerable, your own website, how to improve the flow of IP website, there is enough bread and milk will, is every webmaster yearn day and night. However, how can I do it? The author is thinking about this question as well as the webmaster. Today I will share with you some conclusions that have been made for many days.

my conclusion only four words: pretty and intelligent.

, you must be wondering. The website is not a person. How can you show it? How can I help you?

this remark is bad. Pretty and intelligent is the original meaning of handsome appearance, intelligent. The original meaning is used to describe people. But the same applies to good websites. Now let’s re interpret the meaning of the four word.

one. Show off,

"show off", as the name suggests, refers to the appearance of delicate and pretty. Show: comely. External: appearance. This refers to people.

applies to the website, outside: website home page. Beautiful. Refers to the home page to be attractive to attract attention.

The homepage of

website is just like a face of a human being. There is no need to speak of the importance of a person’s face. The front page of the website is the facade of the website. Through the exquisite design and exquisite appearance, stimulate and attract the user’s psychology and eyeball, give the user a good impression, and thus retain the visiting customers, in order to improve the flow of the website, achieve the purpose of making money. As the portal of a website, home page undertakes important mission. Well, what do we need to pay attention to when we do a good job outside the website,


1, web content needs to be streamlined.

for a web site, the smaller the content, the faster the page is, the faster it will be. This will bring users the thrill of browsing, to some extent, enhance the attractiveness of the site.

2, keep the style of the website consistent.

includes the layout of the web site, the layout of the text, the location of the decorative elements, the location of the iconic elements, the unity of navigation, the location of the picture, and so on. All of these need to ensure its unity. Any homepage must determine its style and form according to the content of the theme, because only the perfect unity of form and content can achieve the desired effect.

3, color matching should be coordinated.

uses the most abstract colors to express the most abundant connotation, manifests the website image, is the topic which the homepage designer continues to explore. The hardest thing to do with web design is the color scheme. But in any case, using the same color and using contrasting or complementary colors is very good. The color of the same system is easy to shape the harmonious and unified atmosphere of web pages, while the contrast of complementary colors will form a strong stimulus, highlighting the screen of the website, giving people a sense of lively rhythm. In use of these two methods >

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