The most important thing is the content of the website

content refers to the content of the website, edit the content added. Many examples can be cited. Many sites set up by the forum program or CMS program set up sites, traffic is one hundred thousand IP or higher, I would like to raise a few. Chinaz (CMS), Admin5 (CMS); woven life; butterfly net; Mint weight; net is the airline stewardess, standing before a few of the women in the community, is a forum for the program is very successful.

technology, or web architecture, is for content services. Good website architecture, in order to allow users to browse and use more convenient, can be a good display of hot content, the latest content. The combination of advertising does not affect the user experience, but also create the highest revenue.

so the technology is not the higher the better, I can not say that I used this technology, that technology. But the more you can show the content, the more you can create a user experience, for this purpose. Consider everything in the user experience.

content should be able to have bright spots, I have cited an example before. A person to buy things, spend 100 yuan, is to harvest more than 100 yuan of value, so the user on a website, the best is to make him feel very cool, not white, have "pick up" feeling. For example, the film and television station, updated on the latest blockbuster, users also want to come after reading, next came, but also to see the latest, and look at the time when the speed is fast, the site is open fast, no popups. This gives users a good experience, users certainly. Therefore, the most important thing for a website is to give the user what you want, and it is better to exceed the user’s expectation on the result. The above several female communities, you can take a serious look at, study hard, a station content is how to do. These stations do not remember the domain name, the page is also not drop, but the content is very good, the structure is also easy to read, that is, the content is very good, the user experience is good, so it is successful.

wants to do his own business, industry says. The website is, so a few friends, like listening to music, singing, and became a music station. Like to go to the movies and make movies. Like to read novels, as a novel stand fire. Because of their own preferences, that is, the user’s preferences, it is easy to know the needs of users. Put content you like and feel good about it. Users just love it.

so, if it’s something that’s relevant to you, you can use your own feelings to determine whether the content is user’s favorite. If it doesn’t matter, you have to do it. Read the script first. For example, you must first airline stewardess, imagine how a network of airline stewardess image; to check the information, what airline stewardess love what to eat, what to wear, what is the living habits, what interested! To understand the role of crystal clear. Full understanding, you go to play the role, to identify content. "It helps our stewardess, um, put it on!"

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