The swap chain is linked to the horse led to a large number of sites not normally open

this morning when I found my boot this site can not be opened completely, and another one of my websites opened very well, the beginning will feel strange, and then repeated several times is still not open, each situation is exactly the same, "in the end, the IE and the IE is the core of the browser will completely collapse, then open the Windows Task Manager to see only a browser this process is occupied with CPU rate of more than 50%, accounting for about 2G of memory, then the browser in continuously from the web site to download content through careful observation, and any code on my site don’t hang this station, then you want to be is not the site horse? Then I began to do the following work:


first, check the station page code, see if there are suspicious of what code, if it means the site has been linked to horse; fortunately did not check suspicious code, this really makes me greatly relieved;

Second step

, then I started the advertising investigation on my website, especially the Ali Mama advertising, because I had heard of people by the Ali Mama advertising poison, so it is for inspection, later found no problem; GG and Baidu ads I trust no, so check them;

finally, I checked into my "last hanging sky swap chain link code, after I take it out, and then re generate a static home page, the site finally returned to normal state.

so far I will draw such a conclusion: the phenomenon of my website appearing not fully open is caused by sky swap chain link code! The sky exchange chain link page virus or sky swap chain is linked to the horse


returned to normal on my website and I try to open the sky exchange chain website, found its home page cannot be opened, which also proves my judgment is right! The sky is indeed the swap chain is linked to the horse! And I also believe that other sites like me like to hang the sky exchange chain link code also encountered the same problem, so I hope my experience can give them a little enlightenment to


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