Two years of local industry station or let me confused

dive accustomed to, also in the big brother’s station to see the article, today suddenly want to write something.

two years of local industry station, let me feel a lot.

if I didn’t have a cavity, I wouldn’t have the day and night, 178CM’s tall, slim body with 52 kilograms.

if I didn’t think then, "it’s time to do the local station." "no, I’m still thinking about what I’m going to do after 12 in the evening."..

may be a local friend or a friend, there are several ideas. "Do you have any future?" "should I give up? Is it still the wrong place?". Maybe only "why didn’t I make any money?"

personal webmaster, whether it is to do local portal, or do local industry station. One word: difficult! Should be paid in the middle, compared to other station owners, but also to pay more and more. Perhaps, you only look at the site less than 1000IP station every day, I feel depressed. Perhaps you were repeatedly turned away when visiting clients. And your competitors, that’s a local hot line, a local port of information. And we can only survive in adversity.

said, so many, or some successful friends, will say I am too one-sided. These are some of my personal feelings. That’s one of the things that confused me.

hard, then, here to talk about, how to survive, some experience is I. Hope to be of some help to you.


, where you are, you don’t think you can call the local portal website, please you to do right now! If you where you think where industry station, do not in place, not profitable, if you do, it will do, how to do. Well, please do it at once. The most important thing is that you have the confidence to stand up for it.

now some local friends often ask me where I can stand and fear my competitors. I often say a word, the Internet changes rapidly, do not do, how can I know,


I do is the local property network, unlike local forums, you can post, driving popularity. Substantive content needed. This also has encountered many problems. 06 years, that is, when my house stood on the line. Nothing, was friends laughing as "light rod commander"


it took me 2 years to be a local industry station of county level city and got the designated area of some activities. Now, the local property information channel began to reprint the articles on my station. 08 years, enterprises have also talked about cooperation, talk about investment. This confused me for a while.

who doesn’t want to be big? Who doesn’t want to have a big tree to cool off? Remember a word, let me remember deeply: "often, entrepreneurs will die in the capital movement."

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