Some thoughts on doing industry websites

what kind of stand can I do in 2009? A lot of people think it’s a good choice to be an industry website. I used to think that too, huh?. In 2008 October, I set up a gas water heater industry website, which has been doing this for almost a year, but in the end I chose to give up. In view of this experience of failure in the industry, I would like to talk about some of my thinking about doing industry websites.

1. positioning industry website: do industry website, we could choose a wide range of industries, such as large, can do the clothing industry website, industry website, electronic machinery industry website, household appliances industry, service industry and so on the website web site. As a webmaster, in the industry before the site, you must first give your site to do a positioning: that is to be big and complete industry website, or do specialized and thin vertical industry website. For individual webmaster, it is a good choice to make a special and fine vertical website. Of course, if you have more time to update and maintain the website, industry website can also try the large and complete compensation.

2. traffic industry website: for web site traffic, if the game, download, movies and other types of sites, as long as the site in the search engine, you can get good rankings, from huge traffic, but do industry website and do all of the above these types of sites are great different. Many industry website keyword Baidu index is not high, so even if the site ranked in the major search engine home page, but the flow is still very poor. Like I did before the gas water heater site, the site keywords ranking basically in Baidu home front five position, but such a good ranking, every day from Baidu to IP also so two, thirty. In addition, in the major search engines of the home page, basically there will be some companies doing bidding promotion, and Baidu search is particularly obvious, therefore, do industry website traffic is difficult to go up. Personally feel that to do a good job site industry, how to get traffic is the webmaster must consider the important issues.

3. industry website how to make profit: do industry website, your profit point is where, your development strategy is what, this must be clear before action. Do industry website, many site traffic is not high, the site traffic is not good situation, to make money on what? By Baidu and GOOGLE advertising alliance to make money or by helping others to sell products to make money or through other ways to make money, worthy of deep thinking webmaster.

I was more than a few for do industry website thinking, perhaps very superficial, but for those who want to do industry website webmaster, the above problems still need to consider the factors about industry website should have many other things to consider, but I think these temporary, welcome to add.

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