The stationmaster’s memoirs the way of my station 1

at 0:00 on March 12, 2008, sitting in front of his beloved computer, put on SPA Music – wife incense leaves whisper, a cigarette on the spot and listen to music in the song indistinct frog, the mind is in a trance, thoughts such as the heavenly music, slowly flowing from

and I will talk about my own experience, I am 76 years old, a few days before the age of 32, now often feel that time flies too fast, how well thirty, how the company ran four? Some call me uncle sister, is really hit people. Looking back on the past, the past came to my eyes. By now, I still remember the situation when my father took me to primary school. It is in the summer, a very hot afternoon, I followed behind him, walked about 3 miles (the factory from the county 4, 5 Station Road, when the traffic developed, no car), to the county primary school, I sat in a seesaw playing on his admission formalities completed, I will walk every day 3, 4 miles to go to school, then go home to eat, 4 times a day is 12 miles, winter go early, the day is black, often run on the mountain to the county farmers selling vegetables, we followed them, because they have a torch. My father never came to pick me up from school, my father is careless, I basically do not grow up to me.

90 years, father because of the job transfer, our family moved to Chongqing, in fact, our county is not far from Chongqing, now an hour to the car. After reading junior high school, I made a mistake that could affect my life. Instead of continuing to study in high school, I chose to study in a technical school. This, of course, has something to do with the social environment. It was useless reading and popular, and I couldn’t avoid being vulgar. Now my aunt often says that my father had missed me, and indeed, I was only 13 years old, and my father wanted to take it. And my father with me, in fact, he also think so, often gave me read technical school, work assignment, graduation. The people at that time had this idea in the minority. But I never blame him,

technical school three years, nothing learned. In fact, only taught 1 and a half years, 4 classes every morning, in the afternoon is playing cards, playing games, drinking at night. Internship 1 and a half years, but also did not go, in the community to play, mainly bubble dance hall, then basically no disco, called the "Big Bang", but not popular. At that time, there was the idea that after graduation there would be work, and now more play. Slowly, some of my friends are surrounded by drugs, but fortunately I belong to a firm willed person, determined not to touch that. Up to now, the three years really cannot bear to think of the past, wasted youth.

school after graduating to a benefit at the time was good in the factory, because the factory has relatives is an officer, is in command. Once I have the chance to go to the Ministry of supply, this is a nice man, supply department responsible person to talk to me, in the office, see before the computer, was a bit weak, when the person in charge asked if I could, I do not falter, he glanced at me, said this is a must to master the skills that I learn quickly. What a book!

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