New webmaster site that thing

what is the survival of a web site? That’s traffic. No traffic, and that site is basically not worth much. With the flow of what ah? Ha ha, when the heat is making money! I learned from the knowledge and their own experience, the summary of new sites as follows

1, do station collection of information to be different, that is, the content to their original. If you think about it, are copied to copy, but also is not that a few articles ah, not what the new, or that could not be copied, is the acquisition of information, don’t write what you give a copy of wholly intact, appropriate to collect some information on the line, plus oneself it is actually very simple, just at the time of writing. So, do not have all the turn off, everything has a degree, that is commonly known as "pseudo original."". Everyone likes the original, especially those search engines, these things are very sensitive, therefore, adhere to the original, the benefits of their site is great.

2, new station also have to learn to hype. Not just those stars to have new fried, fried, fried can not be famous? As we all know, borrow things Baidu. YAHOO and Qihoo do big noisy, the love ya Chaozuo, Qihoo by YAHOO famous, is the head of a Qihoo have to say I think this speculation master! For the new station is very helpful, not like the thing to have it fried, but also speculation is the fire, for example, just out of a keyword, you can fry it, like the information broker, you can come to an information broker is a liar, or other what, the search volume is not low ah ha ha! I feel that too much, or that sentence, grasp the scale, to see what can be fried, what can not be fried, a quantity of


3, search engine optimization. This is the webmaster to do, which is now talking about SEO, about SEO something specific, this does not do more to explain about this article are many, the webmaster nets, Adsense BBS has this column, there are a lot of articles, the station also has relevant articles you can look at. All I can say here is that which keyword you want to highlight, so make it stand out.

4, let the website generate money. All of these, then you have to consider the site to bring you benefits, and this is also the time to see the harvest. About the website, make money is nothing more than two aspects, (1) your website is what to do, such as a website category, you can sell space, domain name. (2) advertising, advertising advertising on the website, such as GG, Ali, mother and so on. (3) sell link and ad bit

want to say is the basic of these, I hope that the station is getting better and better! (by webmaster feeds)

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