Nanchong tax four in place to help small and micro enterprises innovation and Entrepreneurship

now has a lot of Small and micro businesses entrepreneurial activities by the government departments concerned, at the same time that some Small and micro businesses in the entrepreneurial process, will also be faced with many difficulties, the help of the government measures is very important.

The IRS /

decentralization in place. The abolition of all non licensing administrative approval, cancellation, degenerate involving tax incentives or prior approval for the record management matters 27, canceled 29 households into law enforcement projects; the development of tax collection and management system Small and micro businesses preferential income tax "automatic monitoring function, automatic identification of Small and micro businesses to meet the conditions, additional approval or cancel the filing procedures, to minimize the interference to the production and operation of the taxpayer.

the Nanchong power Small and micro businesses innovative activities also bring some new vitality will each enterprise entrepreneurial activity, will also help some Small and micro businesses face some local entrepreneurship difficulties and solve some problems of entrepreneurship.


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