Lanzhou day motor vehicles will be the implementation of a single line of bus fare free

with the city capital speeding up, the number of private cars more and more, this is a reflection of people to improve the quality of life, but it also caused a series of adverse effects: traffic pressure, serious environmental pollution…… in order to alleviate these problems, Lanzhou city during the upcoming all day long single motor vehicle limit for that, people travel by bus free of charge.

recently, by the extreme adverse weather conditions superimposed local pollution sources and the impact of foreign dust input, since October 31st, Lanzhou ambient air quality has been polluted for 19 consecutive days. In November 10th after starting orange signal warning of air pollution, Lanzhou will start on the morning of 20 single motor vehicle 24 hour limit line measures, and the implementation of the limit line during the urban bus ride free, "punch" to defend "Lanzhou blue".

19, Xing Lifeng, deputy director of the Lanzhou air pollution emergency command headquarters at a press conference held here on the implementation of single and even 24 hour limit line measures were released.

as of November 18th, the three winter comprehensive effect of dust and local dust, vehicle exhaust and burning pollution is mainly affected by the same period in 1986 for the first time since the Lanzhou, respirable particulate matter (PM10), fine particulate matter (PM2.5), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) concentrations have risen, become the most important three air quality the influence of air pollutants, the most important quality, the greatest impact on public health.

Lanzhou has continued to carry out the dust and small stove residents focus on remediation work, but the vehicle fuel combustion exhaust pollution has not been effectively controlled, become one of the important reasons for the recent NO2 and PM2.5 continuously exceed the standard, but also for low altitude vehicle exhaust emissions, more easy to spread, easy and rapid accumulation of obvious form of pollution, and the pollution layer in main space for the public, more obvious impact on public health.

Xing Lifeng, according to the forecast of Lanzhou Meteorological Bureau, recently, Lanzhou will continue to static stability, temperature inversion, weather forecasting of air pollution level was maintained at 4 to 5, except during the evening of 18 to 20 by the alien dust weather, surface wind speed, inversion layer thickness, flat and vertical diffusion of pollutants is not easy water convection low altitude atmospheric pollutants, all kinds of continuous endogenous continuously in the near surface accumulation, and constantly enriched with downdraft, extremely easy to cause severe weather pollution, such as more stringent control measures are not taken, extremely easy to cause severe continuous pollution weather, causing serious damage to public health.

Xing Lifeng said that in the meteorological factors can not be effective intervention, take comprehensive measures to reduce emissions of various pollutants sources, is fundamental to curb the current pollution continues to worsen. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Lanzhou air pollution emergency plan, Lanzhou air pollution should be recommended

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