Wedding dress for the bride to operate less risky

wedding dress, which is probably a lot of girls will only wear clothes once in a lifetime, because of this, will attract attention, will have a broad market. After all, having one of her wedding dress is the dream of many girls, come from the new Miss Pan is to seize their psychological price, rent wedding customized a unique wedding dress. Customized wedding dress, selling wedding business, let Miss Pan was sold to the store clothes out of stock.

caught up with a good year of marriage

married in his own time, Miss Pan as many as the bride, went to Suzhou, Hangzhou to buy wedding. She felt that the bride of the world should want to have a wedding dress to witness their happiness. In Wenzhou, the number of rental wedding, wedding, wedding less, so, Miss Pan invested 800 thousand yuan, opened according to the body in accordance with the world wedding dress store.

said that this year is a good year to get married, many wedding planning company, hi shop, wedding shops are riveting strength, ready to make a big pen. Miss pan is opened last year, the store has recently renovated a little, new battle.

can do a unique wedding

How does

get a place? Miss Pan paid a lot of attention. Although the manufacturers can directly supply, responsible for clothes modifications, but for customers to map, they will take down. Because the manufacturers of goods is only part of the style is limited, can not meet the needs of individual customers.

in the beginning, two thousand or three thousand yuan wedding price for many people to accept, sales situation is not satisfactory. However, after a period of time, people buy more and more. Now, she is in Wenzhou to do the wedding dress sale and custom-made quite confident.

no backlog of troubles

even in order to sell the main, the store still need to have two hundred or three hundred sets of different styles of wedding dress for people to choose, but Miss Pan did not worry about the backlog of goods, but sometimes clothes will be broken.

is now due to the general improvement of people’s economic conditions, and secondly because people are so attached to the sacred moment, so that the wedding market is more huge. As a result, she had received more than a dozen orders after renovation last week. It is interesting that most of this is a small dress orders. She laughed and said she was going to be busy. She also hope to cooperate in the shortest period of time and fashion design majors, dream of the bride wedding dress.

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