Hu Xiaoping from time to time to the king of the story

if you work hard enough so God will be moved by you, will let you see the hope of success, many people encounter difficulties in the business when it stopped, did not continue, but there is a middle-aged man, a temporary work never started, then to the king of the small dish, how is he successful?

but Hu Xiaoping think, he is a young man, is a rural people, after all, is temporary, so go on, when can save money to marry his wife? He is restless and decided to resign from the keeper of a job selling a first contact Hu Xiaoping mustard jar of mustard, casually asked how to sell this mustard.

Fuling people told him that 5 cents per catty, if he sells himself, is willing to give him a wholesale price of 45 Fen per kilogram. Hu Xiaoping immediately recommended

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