College students should pay attention to what matters

college students tend to encounter many problems in the process of entrepreneurship, at the same time, college students want to solve such a number of entrepreneurial problems need to do a good job in advance to prepare a series of entrepreneurship.

of negative factors from all aspects of the unaware, resulting in a difficult start to meet various, so that entrepreneurs not go far, which ended in failure. So the entrepreneur is not versatile, but to focus on the all rounder.

is essential for the team spirit

in the practical work, students often have to give priority to, is not conducive to entrepreneurial self-willed cooperation situation.

Gen   industry passionate people entrepreneurial team is wise, a person’s ability can’t do everything, so find   make a reasonable division of labor cooperation partners or people. After the first to establish the future of the backbone of the enterprise also is the core of leadership, at the same time to determine the four beams eight columns the future of enterprise, is responsible for personnel of various departments, in the process of power distribution to clear responsibilities, clear job responsibilities to the people.

in VC view, good business plan can be copied, and the overall strength of the team is difficult to replicate, so they tend to pay more attention to investment, cooperation ability of entrepreneurial

team, rather than only those ideas alone’. For college students who intend to start, strong cooperation, learn from each other, than a single handedly easier to gather entrepreneurial advantage.

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