What materials and equipment are needed to open the car wash shop

what needs to be prepared to open the car wash shop? If you want to open a shop is not to find a store on the finish, there are a lot of relevant materials to be prepared, specifically what? Many novice on this issue is not very understanding, hurry to look at it, I hope to help you.

A, apply for the shop. The car shop and other stores are different, want to start auto shop, where the vehicle needs to go to the irrigation management office or where city environmental management center to apply for work on acceptance, shop must submit the relevant information to complete. For example, the bid for the Beijing city car washing station should be submitted as follows:

certificate copy of the qualification of legal person

in city vehicle washing station written application

business license

The acceptance of materials and equipment installation and acceptance of project completion report

two, rent a facade. This is not much to say, only in a large traffic flow, convenient parking place to shop.

three, the purchase of equipment, hire staff. Buy car washing equipment, car staff and employees, they will have the official shop, need to pay attention to is the best to hire knowledgeable employees.

The second tier city

, to rent 15 square meters of the house as an example, a quarter of the rent is 1200 ~ 2000 yuan (a charge to pay three), open the car wash money? Handle business license costs about 200 yuan, buy a car, car and other liquid equipment in need of investment in the amount of about 1000, a the staff quarters will not exceed 6000 yuan, the total investment is down to a quarter of the investment of 10 thousand yuan.


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