Yunnan to promote healthy and sustainable use of water resources

is a topic of great concern to the current water pollution and water shortage. What kind of program can save water? Improve water efficiency? Promote healthy and sustainable use of water resources? Let’s take a look at Yunnan.

recently, the office of the provincial government issued a "guidance" on accelerating the water price reform of water conservancy project, proposed by promoting the water price reform of water conservancy project, establish reasonable reflect the water supply cost, to save water and improve water use efficiency and benefit, promote water resources sustainable utilization of water conservancy project price as the core and formation mechanism the water price system.

"engineering water shortage has become a prominent contradiction and bottleneck of economic and social sustainable development in our province. Water price is the most important economic lever to adjust the relationship between supply and demand, to save water and protect water resources." "Opinions", the establishment of a reasonable mechanism for the formation of water prices, the price of non agricultural water as soon as possible to adjust to the cost of compensation, a reasonable level of profitability. We will deepen the comprehensive reform of agricultural water prices, carefully calculate the cost of agricultural water supply, and take into account factors such as the scarcity of water resources and the ability of users to make reasonable use of agricultural water prices.

in the future, the price of water conservancy projects will be classified to develop, in accordance with the water supply targets are divided into agricultural water prices and non-agricultural water prices. Agricultural water in accordance with grain crops, cash crops, aquaculture and other uses of the classification, the implementation of the classification of water pricing in the terminal link. Non agricultural water mainly includes industrial, tap water plant, hydropower and other water based on water production costs, expenses and compensation tax according to law, the provision of water supply in accordance with the profit of net assets, the profit rate of domestic commercial banks in accordance with the 5 year loan interest rate plus 3 percentage points – sure.

combined with irrigation or other benefits of hydropower generation water prices, in accordance with the sales price of 0.8% of the electricity grid approved; only for the power generation of water conservancy project water prices, in accordance with the grid sales price of 1.6% – 2.4% approved. The pricing principle of water price for water power generation.

opinions mentioned in the special circumstances of the use of water conservancy project dead storage water supply price, in accordance with the normal water supply price 3 times approved. In addition, to explore the implementation of a progressive increase over quota (plan) system, in the premise of the total water cap, agricultural water in different crops and aquaculture products, reasonable quota; non agricultural water products in accordance with the standards for water quota or water plan, fully considering the water infrastructure construction and application of water-saving technology, ultra quota the implementation of a progressive increase of water (plan).

super quota (plan) water 10% (inclusive) within the part of the fare increase of 20%; 10% – (inclusive) of the part of the fare increase of 50%; – – 50% (inclusive) of the part of the fare increase of more than 50% of the part of the increase in the price of 2 recommended by the 100% – 30%

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