Tea shop to join what steps need

tea is a lot of friends need tea raw materials, with everyone’s favorite tea, tea has become a gift or a good friend to visit a good gift. If you want to open a tea shop, you need to pay attention to what steps? Xiao Bian for this is a detailed introduction.

one, choose a good brand, made to join the intention to join

when investors choose the right to join the brand, the franchisee can by telephone, fax, e-mail, online message consultation tea tea shop to join the company headquarters, asked the relevant matters such as join, store area requirements, franchise fees, regional protection policies etc..

two, to join the headquarters to submit the application form

franchisee to join the headquarters to fill in the application form, submit the application report. Tea shop to join, under normal circumstances, Tieguanyin join the headquarters of the enterprise website have joined the application form available for download, or can be directly responsible for the headquarters of the relevant personnel.

three, a serious investigation into the brand

tea shop to join, join in the decision before joining the best to join headquarters for the study and understanding of the brand, and to investigate the headquarters, processing factory, model shop, a detailed understanding of the business.

four, signed a cooperation agreement


joined the study after joining the brand, followed by the signing of the franchise agreement, the establishment of the rights and obligations of the parties to join, join the tea shop, the franchisee will obtain the franchise "franchise authorization certificate", then if there is objection to what the contract can be put forward on the horse, we must first look at the relevant content in the contract before signing the contract, not be careless.

five, store decoration layout

tea shop to join, Tieguanyin join headquarters will provide store decoration style, shelf design and light boxes and other unified CI program.

six, headquarters to provide training guidance

joined the headquarters will be sent to the company’s training and supervision of the franchisee for the product attributes, store management, tea shop to join, tea and future development planning, etc..

seven, opening ceremony

tea shop to join the newly opened tea chain in the end of the relevant business, tax and other formalities, you can open the listing, joined the headquarters to provide free series of products as well as franchise stores promotional materials. After successful opening

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