How to design a toy store

toys are a lot of children more love products, many people saw the toy market now, want to open a toy store, so if you open a toy store, how to design the cabinet to make it better? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction.

The design of

children’s toy shop window, the first to highlight the characteristics of children’s toys, also can make the window layout and products to meet consumer (children) the general psychological behavior, feel comfortable for consumers, good mood and yearning for toy products. How to design a toy store? Good window layout can be introduced to introduce products, guide consumption, promote the role of sales, but also become the front of the store to attract the passing of the fine arts. The design and layout of the children’s toy shop window should focus on the following aspects:

a window layout highlights the theme and season

using theme window layout. The theme of the window layout is around a particular thing and the window layout, organize different types of toy products on display, to convey to consumers a theme. The theme of the window design can be divided into: the holiday display — to celebrate a Holiday Themed special holiday window composition, such as Children’s Day etc.. How to design a toy store? Event display – with a social event as the theme, will be associated with the product portfolio, placed in the window display, such as the summer children’s toys on display. Scene display — according to the use of a variety of toys, the toy association in the window is set to a specific scene, to induce customers to buy, such as the Bobbi doll theme of a family scene display and so on.

seasonal window layout. Toy sales also have seasonal changes, such as in the winter, plush toys will be relatively hot, while in the summer outdoor children’s toys are relatively strong sales. How to design a toy store? Therefore, according to the seasonal changes in the season’s toy products on display, such as in the winter, the main display teddy bears and other plush toys, in the summer when you can put some children’s toy water gun, etc.. This technique can meet the psychological characteristics of customers to buy toys season, you can expand the sales performance of the toy store. It is worth noting that the seasonal window layout must be carried out in advance, in order to play the role of seasonal publicity.

two, window lighting design to attract

window function is to attract the attention of consumers, therefore, for the window with appropriate lamp and lamp, not only can play the lighting effect, but also can make the window of the original color to produce dramatic changes, give people a fresh. Window lighting not only to the United States, but also to meet the visual appeal of toy products. How to design a toy store? The light in the window must

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